Kuok Foundation Scholarship Application Form Online

Kuok Foundation Berhad Scholarship  invites applications from Malaysian citizens applying for or currently pursuing full time undergraduate studies for the following scholarships.

Interested and qualified student may download the Kuok Foundation Scholarship at Kuok Foundation Scholarship Application Form Online

Kouk Foundation is a non-profit charitable institution incorporated on 1 June 1970 under the Malaysian Companies Act 1965 as a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital.

The alleviation of poverty and suffering, the fostering of self-reliance and empowerment of the disadvantaged and underprivileged through education and training and the promotion of the spirit of caring and sharing.

Kuok Foundation Scholarship

Kuok Foudation Berhad has opened applications for students at Malaysian Public universities to apply.

Wait no more, apply soonest possible before the deadline.

Kuok Foundation Scholarship Application Form

If your are interested to apply for this scholarship, you may submit your application through Kuok Foundation Scholarship Application form online.

Kuok Foundation scholarship for Malaysia

Refer to the attached scholarship announcement poster above for greater details about this opportunity.


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This opportunity is also open to students from Malaysia Public Polytechnics, for those still without financial support.  Students from Malaysia Public Polytechnics are encouraged to apply.


kuok foundation scholarship application instructions

Kuok scholarship for students with excellent academic results



Kuok scholarship for Malaysian students with excellent academic result

After completing the Kuok Foundation Scholarship Application Form, submit it to the address given

Other Scholarship

A. KUOK KENG KANG SCHOLARSHIPS for Undergraduate Studies at Malaysian Universities


a. Deserving students with excellent academic achievements;
b. strong leadership qualities and active participation in extra-curricular activities



Needy students with good academic and non-academic achievements

Scholarship Amount

  • Malaysian Public Universities : RM10,000 – RM12,000 per year
  • Singapore Public Universities : RM20,000 – RM28,000 per year

How To Apply

a. Students studying diploma, off-campus, matriculation and foundation courses are not eligible to apply for the above.

b. Submit ONE application form only.  Applicants will be considered for both category of awards.  Application forms can be downloaded from here or obtained from : Kuok Foundation Scholarship Application Form Online

Kuok Foundation Scholarship Interview

If you are shortlisted for an interview for this scholarship, you will need to be fully prepared. Here are some question that may be asked during the interview. Thanks to Heart Tales Blog for his tips for this interview.

The following are some question you will have to get yourself prepared.

During the interview session

First, you need to show your official letter to the receptionist. Then you have to show the original copies of the documents required. After that, you need to wait until it is your turn. Then you will be appointed to a interview room. There will be two interviewers (for my case, it was a female and a male interviewers). It is a normal office room, there is a chair in front of the desk where you are going to sit down for the rest of the session. The interviewers will begin the interview session with a brief introduction. These are the questions that I was asked during my interview :

Part 1

1. You are taking Medicine. How is your studies so far?
2. Why did you say that your university is suitable to study Medicine?
3. Why did you choose Medicine?
4. What is your future plan upon your medical degree?
5. What speciality do you wish to pursue? Why?
6. What quality that you think a good doctor should have?
7. If you were to be given the Kuok Keng Kang Scholarship (Scholarship deserving for students with extraordinary academic and extra-curricular activities performances), what quality in you that you think you deserve the scholarship?
8. What do think of euthanasia? Is it legal in Malaysia?
9. You were taking foundation in science. (Explain)
10. Did you pay for your foundation studies?
11. How long did you have after the completion of your foundation studies before entering degree?
12. Do you have any working experience?

Part 2

This part is mainly about your family financial status. I cannot disclose any of my family financial status here. But the followings are a few examples:
1. What is your parents’ occupations mainly about. (Explain)
2. What are their salaries?
3. What is the family expenses?
4. (If your parents are not working) Who support your family expenses?
5. How much do your parents give you per month?
6. Is you mother working?
7. Are you currently under any scholarship?
8. Do JPA offer you?
9. Do you have any savings?
10. What is the amount of your savings?
11. (If your siblings are working) Explain about your siblings’ occupations.
12. Level of your siblings’ studies. Where? Any financial aid / scholarship?
13. If you were to be given only the KF Half-Loan Half-Grant Scholarship, are you happy with that?

History of Kuok Foundation Berhad scholarship


Kuok Foundation Contact Info

Looking for Kuok Foundation contact info to contact them directly? Here is details.

Kuok Foundation Berhad
Letter Box No. 110,
16th Floor UBN Tower,
No. 10 Jalan P. Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-27118428
Fax: +603-27250128
Email: general@kuokfoundation.com

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For more details and up-to-date info about Kuok Foundation scholarship please contact the scholarship provider directly or visit their official website.