Politeknik Application Form Online For Certificate And Diploma. Apply Now!

Application Politeknik Online For Certificate And Diploma. Apply Now! Submit your college application online before the deadline  given as mentioned at Polytechnic college official online application form. This is a very good opportunity for student to further their studies. Politeknik is one of the best among the many colleges in Malaysia. Don’t missed out the opportunity!

Since our previous blog post about Politeknik Application Online procedures was so popular, we decided to post some updates here.

For interested and qualified student please read the followings details carefully before submitting your application to Politeknik online.

Who can apply

Application is open to qualified candidates to pursue their studies at polytechnic institutions. Application is open now.  Applicants can choose among these courses:

1. Engineering (civil, electrical & electronic, mechanical, petrochemical, and marine)
2. Information Technology & Communications
3. Trade
4. Travel and Hospitality
5. Agro-technolgy and Bio-Industry
6. Food Technology
7. Special Skills polytechnic

Requirements for Sijil Kemahiran (SKM)

a. Malaysian Citizen
b. Form five school leavers in special schools or special education program under the Ministry of Education Malaysia

Requirements for Diploma (DKM)

1. Malaysian Citizen
2. Below 23 years of age when applying
3. Good health
4. Belongs to a family with household income of less than 3K a month
5. Did not get any offer to study in any other public higher education institution

How to apply

Purchase your Personal Identification Number (PIN) from any BSN bank. PIN costs RM10.60 each.

Register and apply at Application Politeknik Online For Certificate And Diploma

Application form online to politeknik. Submit your application online at politeknik online application system

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For more info

For more information and for latest updates please always refer/visit politeknik Malaysia official webpage or contact the nearest politeknik campus.