New PMR English Exam Format And Students Tips

Maybe many of our PMR students who are sitting for PMR exam this year are not yet aware about the new PMR English exam format that was implemented since 2012. There are some changes was made and it is important that our PMR student take note and be prepared for this new PMR English exam format.

In 2012 The ministry of Education has released a circular in mid July 2012 on the new format for PMR English language paper, which will be implemented in 2012. There are some changes to both papers (PMR English Paper 1, PMR English Paper 2) with objective questions for literature component removed from Paper 1. The marks for the literature component in Paper 2 have been increased, allowing subjective responses from the students to be used as a measurement of their understanding and appreciation of the literary works.

With this new PMR English exam format it is expected that our student may try hard to learn and master the language not only for the exam but for their personal development.

New PMR English Exam Format

Paper 1

Section A
(short texts, charts, notices)
10 questions

Section B
Relational Cloze
10 questions

Section C
Closest in Meaning
6 questions

Section D
• non-linear (1 text) – 6 questions
• Linear (1 text – factual, narrative, etc) – 8 questions

Total: 40 questions (1 mark for each question)

Paper 2

Section A
Guided composition (non-linear and/or linear)
1 question – 25 marks

Section B
Literature components
• Poems – open-ended questions (2 questions – 3 marks)
• Novel – open response with textual evidence (1 question – 12 marks)

Section C
Summary writing
1 question – 10 marks

Total questions: 5
Total marks: 50

Please take note of this new PMR English exam format and good luck in your coming PMR exam this year.

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