How to Overcome Procrastination in School or College

Procrastination is one of the biggest problem for school or college students. This time we are going to discuss about how to overcome procrastination in school or college.

But before we are going to talk further or in details about it, it is important to understand what is procrastination.

So what is procrastination?

There are many definition about procrastination, but this is one of the best definition so far.

“Procrastination is best described as the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be done – postponing until tomorrow what can be done today”

The problem of procrastination not only affects a person’s work, but also commonly involves feelings such as guilt, inadequacy, self-disgust, stress and depression.

According to The Free Dictionary, procrastination is to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness or otherwise to postpone or delay tasks given needlessly.

So it is often or many of us try to disguise our avoidance by being very busy doing things that may be interesting, and even useful, but don’t contribute towards the main goal – even doing something we normally hate – rather than writing, for example, just before an essay deadline!

So why do student procrastinate?

There are about 15 possible reasons on why do student procrastinate. There probably many more but the followings are the major one. It is important to understand the source of the problem before looking for the solutions.

1. poor time management, often associated with a distorted sense of the time available
2. an inability to prioritise
3. overload of tasks at a specific time
4. anxiety about the task, so time is spent worrying rather than doing
5. difficulty concentrating
6. not knowing what is required
7. feeling overwhelmed by the task(s)
8. concern about failing or not meeting your own standards
9. fear of success and its possible consequence
10. perfectionism, often associated with unrealistic standards
11. negative feelings – e.g. “I’m stupid”, “nothing ever goes right for me”
12. all-or-nothing thinking, where one setback is seen as a total catastrophe
13. being bored by the task
14. never having learned how to work or sort out problems while at school or living at home
15. avoidance of things which are disliked or difficult.

So how to overcome procrastination in school or college?

We have a problem here and there should be a solutions. Surely there are solution to this problem.

We have made some search and it appears that the this article  How to Overcome Procrastination Using Self Talk from WikiHow  is the best so far. It is simple and easy to follow for students.

You can access the article here

Another good recommendation for the solution of procrastination is by Thomas DeQuincey, University Counselling Service, University of Cambridge. Refer to his full article here.

It is important to overcome procrastination in school or college to be successful in your studies.