Student Part Time Job In Malaysia For International Students

Students can have part time jobs in malaysia? This is a frequently asked question by many international students studying in Malaysia. Foreign students who are coming into Malaysia to further their studies probably have this question too.

The question was posted in Yahoo! Answer and received many answers. But the best answer is this:-

“Yes. Students are allowed to work part time jobs.
If you’re a local you just have to show your local identity card & academic certificates (<– whn required) made copies of it and submit along your applications.

If you’re a foreigner, make sure you have valid visa student card & request your residental academic instituations be it college or University for LETTER OF RECOMMANDATIONS. This is to avoid you from running into laws/rules & regulations as a student. I’m sure you don’t want to get into trouble thn. get kicked out right?

Among the jobs you can do:-
[Non-professional category]
sales promoters
waiter/waitress (especially in Starbucks & Coffeebeans they pay pretty week esp. for OT, public holidays)
hotel staffs (pay per hour RM5)

[(Semi)Professional category]
– data entry clerks (pay per hour depending to your typing speed)
– part time programmer/developer (freelance pay method)
– call center support officers

In college/library:-
(usually pay RM5 per hour)

You can check for vacancies on websites like, & other print media like your college notice board, The Star ad-post & etc.
But make sure the biz. is valid & not some scam. Be vary of Multi-Level Marketing companies & Forex Broker. Check before you apply & sign for anything.

To Lynn – to compare Giant & Pavilion is like comparing a normal budget hotel to a 5 star hotel.

Of course the pay is different, even the cost of expenses to go there & eat there is more.
Especially during holiday seasons, they hv. to work longer hours *even including weekends & public holidays* so it’s only rational Pavilion pays more since they can afford that”

There are also many restaurants and hotels are looking for students to take on part time jobs for them.

Based on our survey, most of the hotel in restaurants in many major cities in Malaysia is offering part time jobs for students.

The question now is whether or not there are students looking for part time or willing to work part time job.

Surely, students life is busy with studies and universities or colleges activities and hardly have any free time to work part time.

But to those who are looking for part time job you can, and there are plenty of student part time jobs in Malaysia for Malaysian or international students.

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