4 Important MUET Speaking Exam Tips

Right now you are trembling and sweating, thinking about your coming MUET speaking exam. You are afraid, nervous and don’t know what else to do to get yourself prepared for the MUET speaking exam tips. We recieved quite a number of email requesting for some information about MUET test format, MUET exam speaking questions and something probably less important by some, a question such as MUET exam dress code!

There are so many tips and guides out there about this subject, but having more tips and guides will not do you any harm. To get a good MUET exam result, the most important thing is to get yourself familiar MUET exam format and spent a reasonable about of time practicing past years MUET exam papers.  Don’t worry, we have compiled 4 best tips as your weapon for the coming MUET speaking exam. You are encourged to check on past years MUET exam speaking questions and practice.

With these tips, it is almost certain that you will be able to go trough the test successfully. And coming out from the MUET exam hall with wide smile on your face.

Now, where are the best 4 MUET exam tips?
Granted! Here it is. Get a cup of tea and sit tight, this is a very important part.

Wait! Before that let give credits to the source of this tips.

This MUET speaking exam tips was compiled from MUET My Way blog.

Coming to the more serious part, as promised here are the 4 great tips for you.

1. There will be not one, but 2 examiners at the table, and 4 candidates (ideally as total number of candidates for each session is 5 groups of 4 = 20) whom u can refer to as Candidate A, B C & D (NOT advised to use names, even if they are your friends). If you are the last or second last group and some candidates are absent, the examiners should divide the last 2 groups into 3 members each (3-3) instead of (4-2). If they don’t do that, you have the right to request the 3-3 combination because the discussion will be more lively but always remember to ask politely.

2. For task A, expect to speak for a full 2 minutes, regardless of how many points you deliver (no deduction for number of points as MPM does not specify that you have to describe 3 points.) You just need to speak according to the topic confidently, fluently and accurately with good body language.

3. For task B, expect to speak for a full 10 minutes, regardless of if you manage to do a conclusion or not (last I heard, MPM does not require conclusions because natural conversations do not necessarily have conclusions but it is still nice to round up the discussion with a good conclusion). Do not dominate the discussion or on the other hand, do not also be a passenger with nothing to say. Ask your friends their opinions or help them end their sentences/ideas when they are stuck as this shows good management of discussion skills.

4. Smile, talk naturally (not robotic), crack some jokes and give creative ideas instead of boring predictable ones, laugh together and basically have a good time because the examiners are fed up of listening to the same old rubbish. If you make them laugh (in a good way), chances are they will be more willing to award better marks.

So hopefully these 4 important tips can be your important guidelines to face your coming MUET Speaking exam with excellent result.

Lastly and also very important, check out this very informative and interesting Panduan Lengkap Peperiksaan MUET written by Norehan M. Nooh. It is a very interesting and useful MUET exam tips and guides for students.

Good luck in your coming MUET exam.The important key here is “practice” so practice..practice and practice. There is no short-cut about it.

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