SEGi College Graduates Jobs Placement on Cruise Ships Programme

SEGi University College graduates jobs placement on cruise ships programme is probably the first of its kind in Malaysia. Recently, they have just sealed a deal for with a recruitment agencies for cruise company so that SEGi graduates from tourism, hospitality and culinary arts programme will be give an opportunity to work with cruise ships companies.

This is a very good efforts from the college in helping their graduates to find a job right after completing their studies with SEGi University. 

job placement programme with cruise companies with SEGi collegeFinding the right job after graduation is going to take a lot more than one’s personal motivation. In fact, finding a job may seem like a job in itself with the applications to fill out, searches to make, interviews to attend, and references to collect. 

Fortunately, for graduates of SEGi University’s hospitality, tourism and culinary arts programme, securing employment could be easy breezy. With SEGi’s Cruise Placement Programme, graduates can have an added wind in their sales by working with the best luxury cruise companies in the world.

Upon acceptance, they will also have the opportunity to travel while getting paid in US Dollars, and they learn their craft to become experts in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Trailblazing students may even get opportunities to progress in their career with the company.

SEGi is proud to be the only collaborator in Malaysia to work with recruitment agencies for these internationally-renown luxury cruise companies such as P & O Cruises, Princess Cruises and Disney Cruise Line.

Positions within these luxury cruise companies include cooks, kitchen hand, waiter/waitress, buffet steward and F & B director.

SEGi graduates have proven to be great employees to these luxury cruise companies, besides being great ambassadors for Malaysia as they see the world on a sea of opportunities.

For more information on the programmes, call SEGi University (03-6145 1777 or 1800-88-7344), SEGi College Kuala Lumpur (03-20702078 or 1800-888-028), SEGi College Subang Jaya (03-86001888 or 1800-888-622), SEGi College Penang (04-2633888), SEGi College Sarawak (082-252566), email to or log on to