4 Easy MUET Exam Tips to Score Band 6!

Here are some Easy and simple MUET exam tips to score the highest result, Band 6. This simple tips if followed properly should be able to help you to face MUET exam papers and MUET exam speaking test. Malaysian University English Test well known as MUET. MUET is an exam to test the level of English language and mainly is treated as an entry to public universities. This examination is run by Malaysian Examination Council. 

The followings are the best tips and recommendation to prepare oneself for these MUET examination papers  and score the highest band 6.

1. Reading

Candidate who intent to take this examination and thinking to obtain the highest point band 6 should do a lot of reading no matter whatever material it is. As long it is in English and it is good material such as newspapers, story books and magazines.  One should go through all the past year questions in order to have variety of vocabulary. This is a way to help one to master their vocabulary and learn the structure of grammars. One should be smart in choosing the reading material so that it will relevant and help them in MUET

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2. Listening

Listening to news at home and tuning to the English radio while in the car will help to learn to concentrate and help in the listening test later. One should not try to listen to every single word but learn to grasp the art of listening to the meaning and gist.

3. Speaking

To do well and obtain band 6, MUET Speaking test plays an important part. Speaking in English will help to practice the speech skills, create high confidence in talking and practice the smoothness and the flow of speaking which will be essential for MUET speaking test. Beside that mimicking and pretending to be in the actual test by practicing in such way will help one build confident to speak and help one from going blank as they tend to panic.

4. Writing

One can use past year question as a step to practice their writing skill in the given time. Besides that this can help one to practice their skill to express their thoughts, views, ideas and comments by practicing daily. This will help one to use as many suitable vocabularies in their essays and answers.

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Besides the tips above, there are other ways to score the highest band 6 such as:-

1. Structure of the MUET

One should be familiar of the format of the examination such as the parts of the exam, what are the questions, the type of questions the time frame for each part. This can be practice by obtaining the past year MUET Exam paper and asking people who have sat for the examination so that one will have clear picture of the format of the papers before sitting for it.

2. Planning before sitting for the examination

One should have an action plan before sitting for MUET exam papers. This will help one to have confidence and knows how well they are prepared and whether they are ready beforehand.

3. Practice

There is a say “practice makes perfect”, this is the only way that makes a person perfect in whatever they do. So the more the practice you do the more familiar and confident you are mentally and physically.

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There is some people asking about MUET exam dress code. Actually there is no so called “MUET Exam Dress Code”. Candidate should be aware of the dress code, one who taking privately should wear formal and neat attire where else the STPM students should wear their uniforms.

The steps and tips above can help one to build up one’s confident level and amazingly at the end one will be surprise of the improvement.  Lastly and very important, you are probably be interested to read some incredibly good Muet Exam Tips and Guides here, check out Panduan Lengkap Peperiksaan MUET.

Practice will always makes things perfect at the end. Practice! Practice! Practice!