Do You Know About Dana KCM for Private Higher Education Institution?

There are some students contacted us for some info about Dana KCM (Dana Bantuan Pendidikan KCM). However we do not have much information about this Dana KCM so if you have any experiences about Dana KCM you can share them here. Your inputs and information will be useful and needed for many of our students and readers out there. There are also some student requested for information/confirmation on whether or not “Dana KCM Penipu”.  We don’t have any idea/information so we cannot confirm that Dana KCM is Penipu.

Simple fact finding was carried out by some of our dedicated readers. Based on what was written on Dana KCM webpage, Dana KCM actually was created in 2010. You may contact them directly for any information or question. All the details are in their webpage.

Dana KCM was created in 2010 unplanned. Several philanthropists and generous individuals contributed some amount of money to students of Kelas Tuisyen Cikgu Mariyam who wish to continue their studies after SPM. After much deliberations with the management of Dana KCM, a fund was set up, designed to help SPM students who wish to pursue their studies at private higher education institutions. This is due to the fact that public institutions funded by the Government are not able to accommodate all SPM leavers.
Objectives of Dana KCM
1. To assist SPM leavers who wish to pursue their studies in any private higher education institutions either at colleges, university or skills centers.
2. To reduce the burden on parents who wish to send their children to institutions of higher learning.
3. To produce more educated and skilled workers.
4. To assist our nation to achieve its vision by producing reliable and competent workforce through higher education.
5. To assist students to choose courses and institutions of choice.
Who is Eligible
1. SPM leavers (regardless year of exam)
2. Those who pass or failed in their SPM.
3. PMR leavers (for Skills / Certificate courses)
4. Those who received an offer to study in any of the private higher education institutions through Dana KCM***
5. Those who have already received study offers in advance but did not apply through Dana KCM, are NOT ELIGIBLE to receive our fund.
6. Students who have completed / stopped their education from an institution and wish to continue their studies at another institution.
7. Employees from both government and private sectors who wish to study part time / full time.
*** All eligible applicants will be given cash assistance from Dana KCM irrespective of their financial or education results in SPM. The main criteria to qualify for Dana KCM

So based on all the information on Dana KCM website it is all looking good. Dana KCM website is is offering Semakan Dana KCM, Permohonan Dana KCM Secara Online and Syarat Dana KCM. Check out Dana KCM website HERE. So thinking about contacting Dana KCM please contact them at:

Address : No. 17-6 & 19-6, Tingkat 6,
The Boulevard Offices,
Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Phone No : +603 2282 9007, 03-22825006, 03-22825009, 012-7122070 atau 012-5592070.
Fax No : +603 2283 5009
Email :