Great Ways Spending Quality Time With Our Children As a Working Parents

The challenge of life and to live in comfort zone is the main aim of parents in this era. Parents are competing with other out there to be someone not only well known for character but also to be someone with good wealth. The challenge is very big and it does not stop there at work place but the bigger challenge is at home, where parents have to take up their responsibility toward the family.

There are many parents out there have no other choice but to be away from their home to find money and to give a good living to their kids as the economy realities but deep down their heart the frustration and stress is growing tremendously as they unable to be with their kids and see them growing.

There is some suggestion on how parents can spend and maximize whatever time they have to be with their children.

The following are some practical tips on how we can maximize the time with have with our children as working parents.

how to spend quality time with children as a working parent

1. Mentally and physically present
We need to be present not only physically but also mentally in order to create the caring and loving environment in the house. Beside that we should always grab every opportunity that we have to be with our kids and not just ignore them and regret later. Every second passed and we miss will not come back and we must always remember that our children are growing each day and will not stay with us for a long time and to the end. We should always remind ourselves when children grow into teenage they will have their own group of people to hang on.

Remember the small is our kids the more quality time we should spend with them. Make sure we do not bring our workloads, stress and un-satisfaction feeling daily back home because this will somehow affect the little ones and they will grow up in that unhealthy environment.

In order to be clear and relaxed mind we can actually do some activities after work. Activities such as exercise, having some Teh Tarik time with friends or just relaxing ourselves with a hot bath first before doing other stuff. Additional information for parents who are stuck in the traffic jams like me, just do something that will help you de-stress yourself rather than thinking about the jam and cursing other road users. You can actually have a chat with your friends while driving but with hand free or just tune to your preferred radio channels or music. This is what I always do when I’m driving back home, I just chat with my husband all the way home.

Conclusion is whatever we feel at workplace should be deleted off from our mind and body before we spend quality time with our children for the few hours that we have before bed time because that will give our whole attentions to our children.

2. Teaching and guiding in school work
Education and when your children start school, it doesn’t mean that you should give all your education responsibility to the educators. That is a wrong concept. We as parents should play a big role even though we have few hours with them. We should take some time off everything and sit with them and listen to their school stories. For an example my daughter age 4 is in pre-school and during lunch time, I will a call and ask how was school. She will be very excited to tell me the story. Besides that when I’m back home I will again ask her how was school today and what she have learned and whether she got any homework’s.

If she does I will just sit with her and guide her and is no home work I will just take other learning books and will start to guide her.

This is some of the way where you can spend time with them and can create the feeling that they are loved and cared.

3. Fun Activity together
Feeling happy and enjoying yourself with your children is the main and priority in your life. Parents should spend time in doing fun activities together such as baking cake, doing some laundry and perhaps washing your porch. My daughter loves to help me wash the porch, bake cake and definitely hand washing as she loves water. Get them involved and have fun in al that you together.

Taking your children to playgrounds or shopping is another way of having fun together. I always take my daughter for groceries shopping let her have fun time at the playground or take a favorite rides on her favorites cars.

My husband use to take both of us to futsal and she will be using one filed to herself and we will just run here and there with the ball. She loves that. Last but not least she loves to play card before sleeping, it is kind of family time before sleep where 10-15 minutes we will just spend playing her favorite card.

Parents also can have family trips where take your children for holiday and spend time with them. I practice that as we will have one international trip and few domestic holidays and we will purposely choose the places and the activities she like the most and she will be able to participate.

Time is very precious indeed limited and parents like you and me should not waste time and not even think of it. We should plan and go ahead with whatever we think is suitable for our family life. At the end not the quantity of your time you spend is matter but the quality of your time being together that counts the most.