How Much It Cost To Study Abroad?

There are many other matters need to be taken into consideration if you planning to study abroad beside the programme fee. The school fee only covers the basic items such as tuition fee, accommodation and one or two meals. Besides all this there are some other additional cost which need to be taken into consideration and need to do something about before going abroad and even before planning to study abroad.
There are much other information you need to survey before deciding such as the exchange rates, cost of living and others. There are also daily expenses when you are abroad and expenses before you travel such as passport, visa, flight, travel insurance and many more.

Check out the cost estimation to study abroad below:

study abroad for studentss

cost detail to study at other countries

There are many higher educations in Malaysia but people like to move and study abroad. These forces foreign countries to reduce the subsidy and students who are thinking to go abroad to further their studies need to plan their financial aid so that all their cost will be taken care off and the budget should be flexible to cater unexpected cost.

Some of the tips below will give you a better understanding and overall view of the cost to study abroad. The cost varies from country to country and changes according to your lifestyles there.

Among all the countries Australia is the most expensive place to study. HSBC has done a research and from the research it shows that studying in Australia will cost you averagely USD38000 per year. This cost is only includes tuition fee and the living expenses there.

The next expensive country is the United States, where it cost USD 35000 per year and followed by the United Kingdom costs USD 30000. The table below tabulated the other countries and its costs.

Financial planning in the family is very important as this can influence the children continuing ther tertiary education abroad as there are very high demand quality skills and a global outlook in the competitive market.

detail cost for study abroad map