Simple Tips How Students Can Be Out of Stress

Stress is important in a student’s life as it motivates them to work hard and study smart but if students are overstressed and it will ruin the whole study process as they cannot give their best and be effective. The level of stress can be identified and distinguished so that students can reduce the stress. The chart below shows the scale of stress.

simple tips to be out of stress for student

The signs listed below shows that you are entering into the over-stressed phase:-
• The more your worries the less effective your studies.
• Mind is wondering
• Mind full of studies when you are relaxing
• Could  not concentrate on your study

The stress issue can be solved if you practice and balance your lifestyle. For an example if you start your exercise or participate in a sports and working hard the entire day without any break, you will be over exhausted and will not able to continue but if you plan your activities correctly, it will give you the best you can. Same applies to your studies. When you start worrying about not studying, your mind will take it as you are studying and you become exhausted. Vice versa if you are relaxed and do not worry than you will be fresh and able to give full concentration to your studies. Do not just worry of not studying because that is just waste of time and you will earn nothing out of it, rather relax your mind and body than start your study fresher and you will gain what you are studying. This is to say that rest is very important for a student and there are two way of thinking that will waste a student’s time and energy:
• Trying to study but not studying
• Taking time to relax but not relaxing because thinking so much of not studying

Students seem to be caught in dilemma when it comes to their aim and goal, their need and wants. Some students prefer to study because they feel it is their responsibility to study to reach their aim but in the other hand they feel lazy and don’t feel like studying and do other things. This situation makes them handicapped as they can’t decide which one is the priority and fail in both attempts. The only way to avoid this conflict is to view the pros and cons of both activity and give the priority the most important and needed one.

Students should balance up their life style between study and non-study activities. Both should be given same importance as both are necessary in a student’s life. Both study and non-study should be given same level of involvements because full involvement in one will flop the other one so equal balance is needed. Some of the non-study activities can be involvement in the physical activity and sports just to take a break from your studies but make sure it is balance. Over involvement in sports will make you feel exhausted and you will not be able to give full concentration to your studies.

Taking a break from study can also mean that taking time and relaxing in front of the television. Some of the television programme will give you relaxed of mind and after that you can be able to have fully relaxed mind and body and can give full concentration in your studies.

Besides that all other non-study activities such as hobbies, part time job, relationship, friends, partying, movies, clubbing will one way another help you to take a break from your study and to relax your mind. The main and important thing to bear in mind is to use the right amount of time for every activity you do because it will give you a good break form your study but by overdoing you ruin everything especially your studies.

There is little way to stop worry and stop feeling guilty as below and a table tabulating the guidelines:-
• Balance life style between study and non-study activities.
• To adopt non-study time into your timetable as this will help you in future.
• Worry but stop or over worrying will take you nowhere but flop you in everything g you do.

signs of study stress and how to overcome it

The list below is a suggestion as guidelines which will help you to balance your lifestyle are as below:-
• Every holiday and semester break take some time off for holiday and stay away from book but not to extend you forget everything. This will help you start your new semester with refreshed and relaxed mind, body and soul.
• A day off in a week to fully rest and have your own entertainment. You can enjoy activities hanging out with friends, doing some cleaning, shopping or even cooking.
• Daily break for few hours, take some time off for yourself daily to do non-study activity this is to balance up your lifestyle and to increase you effectiveness.
• Take time off in between studies this will help you stay focused.

Everyone has their own way and level of stress and there is nothing that is impossible and every stress can overcome if everyone knows how to deal, manage and to balance their life.