How to Choose Pre-SchooL for Your Child

How to choose the right Pre-School for your child? The answer for this question is extremely important for many parents in Malaysia.

There is a new government policy that all child must go to preschool as one of the requirement to register for Standard 1.

Basically pre-school is the first step where a child experience learning and develop various skills.

It is the place where they can mix freely with their friends and develop their communication skills.

So having some knowledge on this subject will help you to choose the right preschool for your child.

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This article is a continuation of our previous article on 3 important tips on how to find a good kindergarten in Malaysia.

We hope this article will be able to give you some knowledge or tips so that it will be easier for you to find or choose the right Pre-School for your child.

Pre-school which has the right learning program are able to develop children’s creativity and also confidence.

It plays an important role to shape child to be more independence and prepare them to a formal primary school.

All parents want the best for their children and no exception with me. That’s why I as a parent wasn’t thinking on the amount of money I would spend on my child

I would want my child to have a fun learning education while gaining general knowledge and skills as children from the age of 3 to 5 years old absorbs so much and they are eager to learn.

So I would want a preschool that not only able to teach my child the relevant skills and knowledge but also has fun activities that teaches children to learn to cooperate with others, solve daily problem and think about other people too.

So the following steps will guide you to find pre-school in Malaysia.

It is not mandatory for you to follow every single steps below, but having them in mind when you are setting out to choose a preschool center for your child will makes the process easier.

1. Choosing a learning program

Do you want an academic-based or play-based pre-school? Some parents planning on sending their child to an academically-intense school such as the Chinese primary school.

So an academic-based pre-school is their best choice as the program are more directed in traditional teaching where they focus on knowledge for children.

Some parents, like me want their children to have fun while learning with more activities such as outdoor or creative activity.

The play-based learning program in pre-school are based on the philosophy that children learn best when they are playing.

Allowing children to learn from what that comes naturally to them develop their independence, creativity and also confidence.

2. Examine and Survey the Various Pre-school

Parents can make a survey by listing out all the possible pre-school which meets their option on academic-based or play-based program.

The following are the type or pre-school available in Malaysia;

  • Public Preschool – KEMAS preschool, MOE preschool and PERPADUAN preschool.
    In general, public preschool are set up by the government and they are using the National Preschool Curriculum that emphasis on reading, writing, Mathematics, moral, building individual potential and character and also developing physical, health, cleanliness and safety skills.
  • Montessori – The Montessori program offers preschooler the freedom to explore activities that they like while teachers are there to facilitate them.
  • Beaconhouse – Beaconhouse program is a renowned global education that uses the “Play to Learn and Learn to Play”. This method used fun activities in everyday learning.
  • Waldorf – Waldorf program encouraged children to work together in play whether it’s painting, singing, doing art and craft or even baking. It develops and emphasis on children creative sides rather than the academic skills.
  • Religious – The curriculum content of a religious preschool is similar to others but it includes religious content to its everyday learning.
  • Language Immersion – If you want your child to master language other than your mother tongue language, language immersion preschool can be a good choice for you. Typically in Malaysia, the common languages taught are English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Smart Reader Kids® Programme – The Smart Reader Creative Teaching Methodology is the newest award winning programme founded by the Honorary Professor Datin Sri Dato’ Dr KH Wong. Smart Reader Kids has been known for being talented, vocal, and fluent in a few languages, high confidence and also creative thanks to the comprehensive teaching method that emphasis fun learning too. Children are teach to enhance skills by reading, combine ideas through thinking and presentation.

3. Visit the Pre-School 

After selecting several choices you can pay a visit to your selected preschool. Most pre-school held open day for parents who would like to enquire more and have a look at the pre-school.

You can query more about the type of learning program and also the fees. You can ask for class schedules and you might also bring your children for a trial class.

In conclusion, the best choice of preschool is where you feel welcome and have strong feeling that it is the best preschool for your child.