How To Find The Right Internship For You

How to find the right internship for you? What is internship program? Internship is a temporary position or job where you work and do job training as required before or after the completion of your studies, and normally the job have to be related with your field of studies or course. You may be paid or unpaid for this position. Normally, fresh graduates will decide to do their internship right after they had finished their further education in  college or university.

How to find the right internship for you?

First question ,  that always pop out in their mind is “How to find the right internship?”. Well ,basically this article will answer that or will give some ideas to the readers. Your career can change forever with the right internship but finding it won’t be easy and it might take some time.

So the important question is how to find the right internship for you. With so many choices, this will lead to confusions or difficulties in making decisions. Not to worry where to begin your journey in searching the right internship as you may begin where you had just left, your college or university. It is the best place to begin as those in charge there could help you. It is one of their responsibilities to help their fresh graduates to find internships. Always keep an eye on notice boards as they might placed posters regarding to that matter .


Stay connected with your friends is one of the best ways too. Find a friend who shared the same interest with you or those who you are interested in specially those who takes the same academic course like yours. Remember to always keep in touch with them and always ask about internships if they got one.The information they had might be useful for you as well but bear in mind some might not easily give out such information as nowadays it is quite challenging to get an internship. Always know the tricks on how to tackle them.

How to find the right internship for you online? Are you a frequent web user? Loves spending most of your time on the internet or social networks? Well if yes then good for you! This will be the easiest thing to do since you are good at it. You can do this from anywhere , you can do this  by  either using your mobile or computer.  Facebook is a great place to start in my own opinion. Keep searching and always be alert of the notifications on Facebook. Don’t ever give up and keep searching. Mostly people might post about vacancies that offer internship as well. Just make sure it suites your interest .

Close with your lecturers ? Even better . You can ask your lecturers for help. They will be very useful as they always help their students if they can. They might even get an internship for you in your college or university. If you get internship in your college or university, you can either choose to take or proceed to find another one.But it is better if you take it as opportunities might not come sooner. They have many contacts to ask around such as their colleagues from different departments or school.They may be the ones who will get an internship that you will enjoy . Ask even your seniors for help or information. Don’t be afraid to ask around, be brave .

That is few ways you could do on how to find the right internship for you. Use all the time you have and use it wisely. Explore around you to find answers and suggestions. Remember never give up and keep trying no matter what. It doesn’t mean you failed once , you will failed forever. Remember, your internship experience could get you a full-time job in the future. Good Luck!and never stop fighting for your future. – Guest post by Natasha Evinia Lai

Natasha Evinia Lai is currently a second semester student in Cosmopoint College, taking her Diploma in Business Management. In her free time, she loves to surf the internet.