IJM Scholarship Interview Tips

IJM scholarship interview session is something you will come across if you apply for this scholarship. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to attend an interview session.

This is when and where you must do your best to impress them.

IJM scholarship interview is the final stage and it is extremely important for you to get yourself fully prepared.

Worry not! So normally what questions will be asked at the IJM scholarship interview?

Read about IJM Scholarship Interview tips for student

Here are some example, not that you will be asked the same exact questions but the type of questions normally sounds like the followings:

IJM Interview
A totally different experience from the last scholarship interview at Putra Perdana.
30 minutes was given to answer some IQ based questions *which I just crap accordingly*, write an essay of what you know about IJM and how can you contribute to it by being an IJM scholar and was still curious now, we did not need to do the speech part. Darn! I prepared the whole night for it and even practice it again and again. Ice cream between practices though =)
Waited for another 20 to 30 minutes before I get in into the interview room. 3 senior managers from accounting, financial and engineering background as my interviewer. It was a great atmosphere when I was in the room.
Real nice people. Great chair. Great people to talk with.
The interview went for around 30 minutes, I think *wink*
Questions ?
1. Before we start, tell us a little bit about yourself and your family background.
2. What is the most difficult task you faced after one year of studying in your course ?
3. You are previously an Interact president, how will you handle your subordinates if they are not performing well?
4. Tell us about an issue that is currently going on.
5. What is the global issue that you are aware of? *the interviewer help me a bit at here because I mentioned about environment and he specifically wanted me to talk on environment issue*
6. Tell us more of your basketball career so far.
7. What is your opinion on Sammy Vellu ? *I kinda bend my ideas a bit to politics* lolx
8. Why do you think you need this scholarship?
Hmm … I think those are the questions I am able to remember for the interview. Overall, it was a great sharing, I will say. I shared about youth empowerment, my opinions on certain issues*secret*, leadership views, my passion for basketball, MIRACLE, AIESEC and etc.
Hopefully, I have my say and it will somehow bring the interviewers to agree with me that I deserve this scholarship.
Honestly, I need it. –> Source: My Journal Life

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Before attending IJM scholarship interview session it is best to practice to answers questions something like the above.

Read up IJM info from their official website about the company’s background, past projects and upcoming or future projects and the organisational chart.

Read more current issues or info in the newspapers, it will probably useful during the interview.

They want to know why you deserve for IJM scholarship.

Anyway, hopefully this IJM scholarship interview tips is useful for your scholarship interview. Good luck!