PTPTN Blacklist Name List Check Online

PTPTN Blacklist Name List Check Online. How to check PTPTN blacklist name list? You probably be interested to check whether or not your name is listed on PTPTN blacklist name list. With internet and online application system is getting more and widely used nowadays, it is so much easier to do the checking.

Through PTPTN online system, you should also be able to check the status of your PTPTN loan. You are at the right place, here we give you the easiest way how to check your name on PTPTN blacklist name list online system.

This article is a continuation to our previous post about How To Clear Up Your Name From Blacklisted By CCRIS PTPTN which was very popular.

There are two (2) ways how to check your PTPTN student loan status.

A. SMS Services

You may check using PTPTN SMS services. Check your PTPTN latest status update using your mobile phone. What do you need to be able to do it? You will need your IC Number and PTPTN PIN No (6-digits). Here is how to do it.

“PTPTN memperkenalkan perkhidmatan pesanan ringkas (SMS) terbaru iaitu semakan nombor pinjaman. Sila taip PTPTN NOPIN[JARAK]NOKP dan hantar ke 33199. Caj yang dikenakan bagi setiap SMS ialah sebanyak RM0.50. Perkhidmatan ini beroperasi 24 jam sehari.”

But you will be charged RM 0.50 for using SMS services.

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B. Online System

The second way is to check whether or not you are on PTPTN blacklist name list at PTPTN Blacklist Name List System.

If you have borrowed money from PTPTN for your studies and was not able to pay or return the money, PTPTN will put your name on blacklist name list. When your name is there in the list, you will not be able to travel out of the country. PTPTN will share your name with Malaysian Immigration Department to block your name at every exit points in the country.

bayaran balik ptptn online PTPTN blacklist

Not trip or holiday overseas for you. So remember to return the money to PTPTN, other people would need the money for their studies.

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One thing you need to remember is to return the money to PTPTN. Normally you will have around 10 years to repay PTPTN depending on the amount of your loan and monthly payment to PTPTN.

If you want to know more about PTPTN Education Loan this PTPTN Blog explained in great details about PTPTN.

The faster you repay PTPTN the better. By so doing less interest and taxes or administrative charges you will need to pay on top of your total PTPTN student loan. Is is still not too late, check your name at PTPTN blacklist name list now.