UPU Result STPM Graduates Check ONLINE or SMS

UPU Result STPM Graduates Check Online or SMS. STPM graduates may check UPU result online or SMS today. UPU result is out and intake for STPM graduates this time is being held only once this year.
There are many ways to check your UPU result for STPM. But the easiest way is through online and SMS. Many prefer the later, as it is quick and convenient.

How to check UPU result STPM graduates

You can check through the followings:

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A. Check your UPU Result STPM online

If you are at home in front of your computer with internet connection or with your laptop or notebook with internet connection this is one of the best way to check your UPU result STPM. All you have to do is to go the the links provided below. You can check you result through the official UPU website below:

Official websites:


B. Check UPU result STPM graduates through SMS

Student with smartphone or simple phone can use this method, check your UPU result STPM through SMS system. This system will be activated around noon the same day when the UPU result for STPM students is officially released. This is the fastest and easiet way to check your UPU result STPM graduates.

This is how you do it:

UPU<space>RESULT<space>[IC number]
Example: UPU RESULT 951234035555
Send your sms to 15888

Should you need more information about UPU result STPM graduates, contact UPU helpline at 03-88706767 or 03-88706777. You may also contact them for various info.