Study In Taiwan Scholarships For Malaysian Students (MOST Taiwan Scholarship)

Study in Taiwan scholarships for Malaysian students (MOST Taiwan Scholarship). Are you interested to study in Taiwan? Given the opportunity to study in Taiwan, I believe many are excited to do it.

This year MOST Taiwan scholarship is once again open for interested and qualified Malaysian students.

Bahagian Pengurusan Sumber Manusia (BPSM), Ministry of Education (MOE ) Malaysia published in thier official website that the Public Service Department ( JPA ) is inviting nominations from among pegawai Kumpulan Pengurusan dan Professional (P&P) to apply for the Program MOST Taiwan Scholarship 2016 to further studies for Master or Ph.D full-time in Taiwan. The scholarship is provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of China ( Taiwan ) for Malaysians who want to pursue a Master’s and Ph.D in Taiwan.

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10 Reasons study in Taiwan is the best option…

Here are some 10 reason why studying in Taiwan is one of the best option for you.

According to, Taiwan is a modern, free, democratic society whose people are hardworking, fun-loving, educated and friendly. While eagerly embracing the future, the people of Taiwan hold onto traditional values and ideals.

The family, including ancestors, is of utmost importance; education and scholarship are held in high esteem. Traditional forms of writing, architecture and art are part of everyday life.

Yes, in Taiwan the ancient and modern, traditional and new are seamlessly woven together, creating a fascinating, dynamic society like no other in the world.

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So here is the 10 reasons why…

1. A Perfect Place to Learn Chinese
2. A Repository of Chinese Culture
3. Learn Complete, Traditional Chinese Characters
4. An Excellent Environment for Learning Chinese
5. Available Scholarships
6. A Free and Democratic Society
7. Easy to Reach, A Great Place to Travel
8. High Standard of Living
9. Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL)
10. Work While You Study

Don’t you think the above is not interesting enough? Read student testimonial below.

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Student testimonials

Here are a couple of students testimonials who studied in Taiwan. Read more students testimonials at

Learn Chinese in Taiwan
By Joshua K. Hartshone

To learn Russian, I studied in Russia. To practice Japanese, I went to Japan. To learn Chinese, I went to Taiwan. That is not the most obvious choice. When I graduated from Oberlin College in 2002, three of my friends moved to China to continue their studies. As far as I know, none even considered Taiwan. As China opened up in the ‘80s and ‘90s and China fever caught hold, the flow of students to Taiwan was diverted to China, and Americans increasingly forgot about “free” China. There are good reasons why you should (re)consider studying in Taiwan.

First, strange though it may seem, authentic Chinese culture is better preserved on the island than on the Chinese mainland. In the 1960s, Chairman Mao unleashed the Cultural Revolution and traditional culture was brutally attacked and ruthlessly destroyed. Books were burned, temples were closed, and many of the cultural elite were sent to re-education camps or brutally killed. Taiwan, which was not controlled by Mao, was spared.

Second, Taiwan still uses the traditional writing system, which Communist China has replaced with Simplified Characters. Knowing only Simplified cuts the student off from thousands of years of Chinese literature and history.
There is a third reason to bypass the Mainland for your studies, which, depending on your temperament, may or may not be important; Taiwan is not a developing country. Taipei, especially, is a modern city with all the conveniences of its Western counterparts—and more. Taiwan allows you to experience the culture and learn the language in relative comfort. Unlike Beijing, highways are never closed because of smog.

A final reason to study in Taiwan as opposed to China is that Taiwan has a vibrant and strong multi-party democracy. China obviously does not. In Taiwan you do not have to worry about upsetting the government.

The programs offered by National Taiwan Univ. and especially by the venerable Taiwan Normal Univ. (38,000 alumni of its Mandarin Training Program) are the most prestigious. The latter, where I study, runs classes in 3-month quarters with a 1-week break between each term. A normal load is two hours, five days a week, though additional “culture” courses can also be taken, as well as an extra 3-hour-per-day intensive course. Three months at the normal load runs around $700. National Taiwan Univ.’s program, in contrast, has a heavier basic load. There is of course a trade-off. More hours may mean more training but also less opportunity to practice on the street.

There are, of course, programs run by major study-abroad organizations. However, you can enroll directly in most of Taiwan’s programs. The primary advantage is that your classmates will be from all over the globe. Furthermore, programs like the one offered by National Taiwan Normal University offer classes in a wide range of subjects.

So how to apply MOST Taiwan Scholarship for Malaysian Students…

Before submitting your application read the press release from Ministry of Education Malaysia.

This is particularly important to not wasting your time submitting your application if you are not qualified.

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Download MOST Taiwan Scholarship details from JPA

For more information download additional details from JPA. You are encouraged to read both documents before submitting your application.

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Wraping up…

If you are interested and qualified, please submit your MOST Taiwan Scholarship for Malaysian students before 29 February 2016 (Monday).

More details, contact

A. Encik Azmi Tepoli
   Tel       : 03-8884 7947
   Faks   : 03-8884 7925
   E-mel  :


B. Encik Danial Abdillah bin Suhaimi
   Tel       : 03-8884 7943
   Faks   : 03-8884 7925
   E-mel  :

For more and up-to-date info about studying in Taiwan MOST Taiwan Scholarship contact the above directly.