Cafe Hopping In Sabah – Trend or Lifestyle And Where To?

Cafe Hopping In Sabah – Trend or Lifestyle And Where To? Hi ya there, dear readers! I hope all of you are in a great condition. I know it is fasting month, but that doesn’t mean that we can make it as an excuse to passive and just sit there doing nothing, right? Therefore, I’ve decided to write something different for this entry. Anyone of you have heard of café hopping before? I believe not much.

So, here’s what happened that leads to me writing on this topic ‘Cafe hopping in Sabah’?. The other day, when I just finished my class, I heard my students were talking about this ‘Café Hopping’ trip that they planned to do to several café here in Kota Kinabalu (KK). The term itself caught my attention and as far as I know, KK doesn’t offer much café besides Starbucks and Coffee Bean (and don’t forget Yoyo , as well).

Cafe Hopping in Sabah a new trend or lifestyle?

To cut the story short, here’s what I got from them: ‘Café Hopping’ is actually a nowadays trend that is mostly done by teenagers where they go to one café and purchase any drinks (my observation says that most of them ordered coffee based drinks). They will then have a bit of chit chat and once they finished their drinks, they will move to the next café. This is much fun when you do with a group of friends and the choices of café is random.

It came to my mind though – how many drinks can these teens drink in one trip on cafe hopping in Sabah or Kota Kinabalu? Well, they say ‘A lot, Miss’. Anyway, they were very kind to share with me few hit café here in KK. Should you have free time, why don’t give this activity a shot? Here’s among the top 5 cafés:

Review: Looking for something other than coffee but still wanting the same cosy-café setting? Coffee Lab offers lots of menu choices from desserts to Western course meal to drinks.
Concept: Café / Western
Venue: Taman Soon Kiong, Lorong Bernam
Price Range: RM11++
Must Try: Volcano Burger(non-halal) & Java Single Origin Hand Drip

Review: Colourful setting with mugs hanging on the wall, this café who is owned by a Korean bring a bit of Korean touch in to some of their menu. Along it’s cosy interior, this café is definitely something!
Concept: Café / Sweets / Snacks
Venue: Tanjung Lipat, The Peak Vista
Price Range: RM11++
Must Try: Korean Street Sandwich, Hand Drip Coffee, Green Tea Latte

Review: Operated by ‘Kopi Cap Kuda’ which is popular coffee manufacturer in Sabah, this place is a must stop for café hoppers when it comes to coffee!
Concept: Café / Burgers / Sandwiches
Venue: Jalan Kilang, SEDCO Industrial Estate
Price Range: RM11++
Must Try: Steamed Mantau with Chicken Curry, Authentic Sabah Coffee,

Review: Fancy for a sip of coffee while waiting for your printing to be done? This place offers both at the same time!
Concept: Café / Desserts / Print Service
Venue: Lorong Dewan, Kota Kinabalu
Price Range: RM11++
Must Try: Apple Kiss Bread, Papaya Milk Juice, Orange Yogurt

Review: Famously know for the drinks with ‘Cotton Candy’ and scrumptious cakes!
Concept: Western variety, Café, Desserts
Venue: Lido Plaza, Jalan Nosoob
Price Range: RM11++
Must Try: Coffee Latte with Cotton Candy

So, what are you guys waiting for? Let’s go and try this ‘Cafe Hopping in Sabah’ a new hip lifestyle and trend! A few sip of coffee from few different places won’t hurt (for hard core caffeine lovers, I guess). Give these places a try and never leave the place before you try their signature dish! Bon appetite!