Why Must Malaysian Students Should Use DICTIONARY.COM Application?

DICTIONARY.COM for students. As we all know, English language is the main medium of communication across the world and also known as ‘lingua franca’. The same thing goes to Malaysia.

Malay would mostly be our mother tongue and English is our second language. Nevertheless, there are still a high percentage of Malaysian that are still low in English proficiency.

If you were to ask me, what we can do to improve our English- I would give you tons of methods. And one of them is ‘Making the dictionary as you Best Friend’.

The other day, I was making some comparison between few dictionaries such as Lincoln, Oxford, Cambridge, Meriam and few others.

Dictionary.com for students to improve their English language
Dictionary.com for Students

That’s when it came to my mind – people nowadays, we rarely see them with books; not to mention Malaysian. This is where dictionary.com for students is a must have in your smart phones.

All they carry with them all the times is their smartphones. Therefore, I tried to download the dictionary apps and start comparing them for few weeks.

At the end of the weeks, I concluded that Dictionary.com app actually offers tons of features. I believe dictionary.com for students is one of the most important application that you must download into your smart phones

Of course – most of them offer the same features, however, Dictionary.com is somehow different whereby it is very user-friendly especially to those who have low proficiency in English Language.

In the following, are my reviews on this application and you will understand why I recommend to fellow Malaysian to use Dictionary.com application on smart phones.

1. Interface: Very simple and user-friendly. They use white and blue as their theme colour. The buttons and menu is visible. The app also highlight the ‘Search’ button on the top for user to easily search any word for definition.

2. Phonics audio: Just like other dictionary applications, Dictionary.com also provides phonic audio along the definitions. Once you entered any word in the ‘Search’ box, you will be directed to the definition page; and on top of the page, you can see a ‘Speaker’ button – that is the audio sample for the word.

3. Definition: Among the biggest reasons why I recommend this app is because of their straight-forward definition. It is very neat and they keep it simple in order for the user understand better.

4. Thesaurus: Down after the ‘Definition’ column, Dictionary.com also provides ‘Antonym’ and ‘Synonym’ features. All of these are in the same page. You don’t have to click or even scroll to another page.

5. Word of The Day: This is what puts Dictionary.com different from the rest! Here’s how this feature works – everyday (every morning to be precise, I noticed that) Dictionary.com will send a notification telling you the ‘Word of The Day’. This feature is the biggest help in improving low English proficiency in their users. To be honest, some of the words sometimes, I don’t even know they exist!

In a nutshell, it won’t be any loss for you to download this app. Instead, dictionary.com for students, you will get to improve your English in a much more tech-savvy way and less burden (you don’t have to carry heavy dictionary here and there). You can download them from Google Play Store on Android and Apple Store on Iphone. So, what are you waiting for- Dictionary.com app now!