Application Institut Latihan Jabatan Tenaga Manusia (ILJTM) Online

The Manpower Department Training Institute (ILJTM) was established to prepare and implement a program of pre-employment skills training to meet the needs of the country’s industrial sector.

The main objective is to produce ILJTM optimum manpower through industrial skills training programs. ILJTM consists of:
* 22 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) that offer certificate programs and advanced certificates
* 5 Technology Training Centers (ADTEC) offering the program Diploma and Advanced Diploma
* A Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute (JMTI) which also offers the Diploma and Advanced Diploma.
Intake at ILJTMs is two times a year, in January and July. Announcement is usually made in March and September. For January and July admissions application must be made ​​through the website JTM


i. Certificate Program – tuition fees, accomodation, food and drinks are free. Allowance of RM100 – RM300 a month during training industry
ii. Diploma & Advanced Diploma Program – Education loans from Loan Fund Corporation Skills (PTPTK)
iii. For the disabled – as well as certificate programmes likewise have subsidy allowance of RM300 per month
How to apply

* Applications should be made at Online ILJTM only
* No pin or unique ID number required
* Those who do not get any response within 3 months after the closing date are considered unsuccessful

For additional questions, please contact

Training Management Division,
Department of Manpower,
Level 6, Block D4, Parcel D,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
Phone: 03-8886 5555
Fax: 03-8889 2417