Biasiswa Maxis Scholarship Permohonan Online

Permohonan biasiswa Maxis secara online
Tengah mencari penaja untuk sambung pengajian anda? Biasiswa Maxis scholarship biasanya ditawarkan setiap tahun.
Tahun lepas juga biasiswa tersebut ada ditawarkan kepada pelajar yang berminat dan layak memohon.
Untuk memohon Maxis scholarship ini anda boleh hantar permohonan secara online.
Layari portal rasmi biasiswa Maxis untuk memohon secara online
Biasanya portal itu akan dibuka bila tawaran dibuka kelak. Kena selalu check untuk informasi terkini.
Maxis scholarship menawarkan 3 kategori biasiswa iaitu;
  1. Maxis Women in Tech Scholarship
  2. Maxis Tech Scholarship
  3. Maxis Young Leaders Scholarship

Boleh pilih salah satu kategori biasiswa yang sesuai dengan anda di atas.


If you are Maxis postpaid costumer and still looking for scholarship this is a great opportunity for you. Maxis is offering Maxis Scholarship for Excellence for undergraduate in Malaysia.

Apply Maxis scholarship online for Malaysian students

Maxis Scholarship for Excellence detailed description

  • Applicants or their parents must be a Maxis postpaid customer with a minimum of one year tenure with Maxis postpaid services, having a good payment record with Maxis.
  • Applicants must be Malaysian citizens aged below 23 years old.
  • Applicants must not be bonded to any body and must have secured an unconditional offer from a local or foreign university prior to applying for the Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Award (MSEA).
  • Applicants currently in their 1st or 2nd year of undergraduate studies may also apply for this scholarship.

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Applicants must achieve the following academic results :

  1. SPM or equivalent: minimum 6As
  2. Either one of the following foundation courses:
    * STPM: minimum 3 As, or
    * Matriculation/Diploma: CGPA 3.5 or above, or
    * A Level: minimum 3 As, or
    * Australian TER: minimum 90.0, or
    * Recognised Foundation/Pre-University courses: Equivalent to CGPA 3.5 or above, or
    * International Baccalaureate: minimum 36.0
  3. Current first or second year students: must have CGPA of 3.5 or above.

Applicants are also required to

  1. Possess a good command of the English language, both written and oral;
  2. Be a team player;
  3. Excel in extra-curricular activities and sports; and
  4. Possess leadership qualities.

* The local or overseas universities must be recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. For local universities, there is no restriction to field of studies; for overseas universities, required field of studies are those related to the telecommunications industry.