The One Academy Beijing – World’s Best Combined Education

World’s Best Combined Education: The One Academy Beijing. ‘Masters Train Masters’ program at The One Academy Beijing. The One Academy Beijing’s ‘Masters Train Masters’ program known as the No.1 brand in Asia.

With its renowned ‘Masters Train Masters’ philosophy, The One Academy is known as the No.1 brand in Asia, and has conquered the creative arena by training generations after generations of some of the world’s best experts in the international creative industries. This is because, The One Academy often nurtures its students with practical industry-driven approach; its years of cultivation have resulted in producing various creative graduates globally and many more prominent achievements.
In this day of age, there are more and more corporations & establishments from the various areas of the creative field that are looking to recruit young talents from all over the world to join the bandwagon of the booming creative industry. The vast expansion of the industry is in-line perfectly with The One Academy’s strong, continuous drive to produce the best creative talents to contribute their expertise & skills. Take movie-making for example, where almost every year, many young talents would join the billion-dollar industry to work on international productions and animation, all in the name of creating cutting-edge award-winning contents. To meet this demand, The One Academy is committed to provide the best creative education and endless opportunities for students, and now bringing this effort to its latest development to China- The One Academy Beijing.

Through The One Academy’s many international collaborations, this time around, The One Academy extends its 20 years of creative education experience to join forces with Beijing Film Academy’s 60 years of professional practical film & animation training knowledge. Together with Beijing Film Academy, the two prestigious academies’ goal is to establish the world’s best art & design educational institution that would surely stand at the forefront of the creative industry!

A prominent institution in China known to many famous people, the Beijing Film Academy has been the alma mater to some of the most talented professionals in China’s film industry. It is the only professional film academy recognized in China’s higher education system. Established in 1952, the prestigious institution is highly-acclaimed in offering practical animation training and producing animation directors. Some of the prominent graduates of the Beijing Film Academy consist of Award-Winning Director & Photographer, Zhang Yi Mou for renowned films such as Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower and more; award-winning best actress Zhao Wei for the popular Chinese drama ‘Princess Pearl’ and movies Shaolin Soccer, Red Cliff I & II, Mulan, 14 Blades & Warriors of Heaven and Earth; actor Huang Xiao Ming famous for movies such as Ipman 2 and Sniper; and Shanghai actress Huang Sheng Yi for movies such as The Sorcerer and the White Snake, Kung Fu and Sword Stained with Royal Blood.

With such prominence, it is no wonder The One Academy partners with the prestigious Beijing Film Academy to ensure the best combined educational experience of its kind for the young aspiring creative professionals to breakthrough in the creative fields through its offered courses ranging from; Digital Animation with game development, Multimedia Design, Illustration with comics, Advertising & Graphic Design and Interior Design. As these are also the programmes conducted at the existing The One Academy campus in Bandar Sunway, it is also offered at The One Academy Beijing to cater to the growing demands of the creative industry in China.

Providing a similar initiative at The One Academy Beijing, this collaboration will prepare creative professionals of the highest quality to meet the coming demand of the billion-dollar global creative, animation and entertainment industries. Not only will it be an impact to the educational arena, but it will be an opportunity-breakthrough for countless of young aspirants in realizing their dreams to become world-class professionals.

“By bringing together the experiences of two longstanding and very successful creative-industry related institutions, this partnership between The One Academy, Malaysia and Beijing Film Academy, China will certainly enhance the creative education’s teaching-approach available for young people ready to strive forward!” said Tatsun Hoi, Principal of The One Academy Malaysia.
Thus, this finest international education combination will elevate The One Academy Beijing in becoming a worldwide legacy for many aspiring creative talents. It will be a chance for students to embark on the path of transforming into the next trendsetting creative professional- a perfect match for the industry’s needs! Rest assured The One Academy Malaysia’s practical creativity & training approach as well as its idea thinking culture will also be strongly implemented at The One Academy Beijing to provide an international quality education.

Source: Study Malaysia