What To Do If You Failed To Secure Places At Public Universities? There Is Still A Second Chance Available For You

Many of you may think that public universities is the only option. But you are wrong. Many people who failed to secure places at public universities still have a second chance to further their studies and be successful.

This year there are 16,229 students failed to secure places at public universities. This number is huge and the government is doing something on it as we speak.

The Education Ministry is looking into the possibilities of helping the 16,229 students who were left with no offers through a working solution with private education operators and the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN).

A list of private colleges and universities (IPTS) which will have places available to accommodate the students is on the works. The students will receive assistance from PTPTN and their loans are convertible to scholarships if they obtain first class honours.

Now the ball is with you. To do something on it or not. Opportunity are already been  prepared, it is now yours to make decision.