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Apply Great Eastern Scholarship 2018 For Students

Great Eastern Scholarship is now available for interested and qualified student to apply. If you are interested to find out more about this scholarship read the following descriptions about this scholarship.

Great Eastern Scholarship online application form for student with excellent academic background

We have updated this article (scholarship ads) with the following new items. Continue reading to check out the latest updates.
  • Great Eastern Scholarship Requirement
  • Great Eastern Scholarship List of Universities
  • Great Eastern Scholarship Interview
  • How to Apply Great Eastern Scholarship
  • How to Contact Great Eastern Scholarship
Great Eastern Supremacy Scholarship Award is one of the leading programmes in the insurance industry. Every year since 1998, we have been the platform to almost a hundred deserving, talented, young Malaysian to acquire their dreams. The total amount of scholarship offered by Great Eastern Life to date is over RM7.9 million to 117 recipients. They dared to dream, to be different, and took the lead in realizing those dreams. In addition to that, this is also our way of nurturing the best talents for our company's future leaders.

Here, we do not just provide great career opportunities for people; we also nurture, care and develop them from young - even before they begin their journey towards success.

Since  2012,  we are changing the  way we do things around here because We are no longer a life insurance company, we are a LIFE company.

Our scholarship award is also changing. We want young, talented Malaysians who dream to be different to be part of our supremacy scholarship program.

Great Eastern Scholarship Requirement

Great Eastern Scholarship application requirements
Great Eastern Scholarship sponsorship value or amount
Great Eastern scholarship interview for shortlisted candidates
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Great Eastern Scholarship List of Universities

Please refer to the list of universities which we can offer the Great Eastern Supremacy Scholarships for studies as indicated in the sponsored courses above.

Great Eastern Scholarship opportunity for local public universities
Great Eastern Scholarship for local private universities

Great Eastern Scholarship Interview

Shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview. There are several steps involved but the 1st interview is 'Phone Interview', 'Essay Assessment', 'Panel Interview Session', 'Computer Assessment' and 'Final Assessment'.

If you are shortlisted, it is wise to get yourself fully prepared for the interview and the result will depend on your performances during the Great Eastern scholarship interview session.

If you don't know how the scholarship interview looks like and how to prepare for the interview, read this blog 'The Mora Way'. The blogger wrote in great details about his/her Great Eastern scholarship interview experiences.

That can be your best reference.

How to Apply Great Eastern Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship download the application by visiting the link below:
Download Great Eastern Scholarship 2018 Application Form >>> APPLICATION FORM

Complete the form and submit it to Great Eastern scholarship panel.

Scholarship FAQs Click HERE

Great Eastern Contact Info

Should you need further info, please contact them directly using the contact details below.

Great Eastern
Human Capital, Level 19,
Menara Great Eastern,
303, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Website: Scholarship Official Portal

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To apply for this scholarship contact the scholarship provider Great Eastern scholarship directly for more information about this scholarship.
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Permohonan Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship Programme 2018

Borang permohonan online Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia 2018 (Bank Negara Scholarship Programme) Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship Programme  is now available.  Should you need more information about this scholarship you are advised to contact them directly using the email given below for more information.

Due to popular demand on this topic, we have updated this article on March 2018 with the following new items. They are very important info, read on.
  • Biasiswa Bank Negara 2018 Info
  • Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship Deadline 2018
  • How To Apply Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia 
  • Bank Negara Scholarship Interview Experiences
  • Bank Negara Scholarship Committee Contact Details

Permohonan Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia 2018 online

Submit your application online at the link given below. For more information contact Bank Negera Malaysia at

Biasiswa Bank Negara 2018 Info

Biasiswa Bank Negara sistem permohonan online


a. Kijang Emas Scholarship

Awarded to the top SPM 2017 students. The Kijang Emas recipients are given the freedom to pursue their own field of study in top universities in any country of their choice.

b. Kijang Scholarship

Awarded to eligible individuals to pursue pre-university and subsequently undergraduate studies in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Actuarial Science and Law at selected leading universities locally and globally.

Undergraduate (Honours)

The Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to an eligible individual who has received an offer to pursue or is currently pursuing Undergraduate studies in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Actuarial Science and Law at selected leading universities locally and overseas.

For some additional info about the Bank Negara Scholarship program visit Bank Negara Scholarship

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Bank Negara Scholarship Application Deadline

Please submit your BNM Scholarship application before the deadline. This year the deadline is on 30 April 2018

How To Apply Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia

To submit your application visit Bank Negara Malaysia Website 

Borang permohonan Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia online

Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship Result

You may check your Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia scholarship application through online OR normally you will be notified.

If you are shortlisted, you will be notified and an interview will be arranged. It is important that you MUST attend the interview session. Your application for Bank Negara Malaysia scholarship result will largely depend on your interview session.

Bank Negara Scholarship Interview Experience

Shortlisted candidates will be notified to attend Bank Negara scholarship interview. It is important for you to get yourself fully ready for the interview.

There are many Bank Negara scholarship interview experiences that you can ready to equip yourself with info about the coming interview.

Read some of Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia interview experiences here and here for your reference. You can learn how to write Bank Negara scholarship essay from their experiences. Its is good the read them before attending the interview.

Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia Contact Details

Those who fulfilled the minimum requirements are required to apply online via Bank Negara Malaysia's website. For postgraduate application, please submit one (1) page thesis summary of your proposed research to the following address:

Scholarship Section
Strategic Human Capital Department, Level 11C
Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato' Onn
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interviews

Looking for more scholarship? Check out [Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) Scholarship] and [PIDM Scholarship]

Note: For more accurate and up-to-date info about Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia, you should contact Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) directly.
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Yayasan TNB Scholarship 2018 Application Form Online Apply Now!

Permohonan Biasiswa Yayasan Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) 2018 online. Latest Updates on Yayasan TNB Scholarship. This college scholarship offer from TNB is open to all Malaysian students. Interested and qualified students are encouraged to submit their scholarship application online through Yayasan TNB scholarship application form online. TNB scholarship awards is one of the most popular private company scholarship in Malaysia.

Borang permohonan online Biasiswa Yayasan Tenaga Berhad (TNB) Malaysia

Since our previous post about Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Scholarship Awards was so popular, we decided to post some additional updates and info here.

We have updated this article with the followings. Read on.
  • When to submit your Permohonan Online Biasiswa TNB (Deadline for 2018)
  • Application Criteria (Kelayakan Memohon Biasiswa TNB) 
  • TNB Scholarship Preferred Disciplines
  • TNB Scholarship Amount
  • How To Apply TNB Scholarship (Cara Memohon Biasiswa TNB)
  • Temuduga Biasiswa Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (TNB)
  • TNB Scholarship Committee Contact Details
Qualified and interested student are encouraged to submit their application through that link given.

Closing date to submit your application online on. For latest details please contact Yayasan TNB scholarship directly. Please take note that incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Supporting documents must be submitted to Yayasan Tenaga Nasional Berhad Scholarship Committee.

If you do not hear from us within three (3) months of the closing date, please consider your application as being unsuccessful.

Yayasan Tenaga Nasional invites qualified students to apply for its full scholarship offer.

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Deadline to submit your application is 22 March 2018. Just make sure to submit your application before or on that date.

Please also refer to the photos below for more info on this topic.

Application deadline to submit your permohonan online Biasiswa Yayasan Tenaga Berhad (TNB)
Borang permohonan Biasiswa Yayasan TNB online

Application Criteria (Kelayakan Memohon Biasiswa TNB)

Yayasan TNB scholarship general requirements

a. Pass STPM 2012 by achieving a minimum CGPA / CGPA 3:50
b. or Passed Diploma / Matriculation / Basic 2013 reach at least CGPA / CGPA 3:50
c. Age not exceeding 23 years in 2013
d. Active in extra curricular activities
e. Have a personality and leadership characteristics
f. No siblings who are receiving scholarships YTN
g. Dedicated to the first semester of the new influx of students in 2013 who has found a place in the new IPTAasukan first semester of 2013 has to be admitted

Preferred Discipline To Apply For TNB Scholarship

Yayasan TNB scholarship preferred disciplines or field of studies
  • Accounting
  • Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Engineering (Civil)
  • Engineering (Electrical)

TNB Scholarship Amout

Full scholarship

How to Apply TNB Scholarship Online

To apply for this scholarship is actually very simple.  You just need to submit your application through online portal provided by Yayasan TNB.

Yayasan TNB scholarship how to apply
1. Register and apply at Yayasan TNB Scholarship Application Form Online
2. Yayasan TNB scholarship Official Website

TNB Scholarship Interview (Temuduga Biasiswa Yayasan Tenaga Nasional -TNB)

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. You probably required to  go for 'Temuduga Biasiswa Yayasan Tenaga Nasional - TNB'.

If you are applying for this scholarship, it is important to get ready for the interview.

There are some blog sharing info about how to prepare for sesi temuduga Biasiswa Yayasan Tenaga Nasional. You can read them here and here for your reference.

Contact Info Yayasan Tenaga Nasional Scholarship

For more information about this Yayasan TNB scholarship offer call the following contact person:
  1. Cik Fatimah Mustafa - 03-8924 7539 or
  2. Puan Zalina Abdul Ghani - 03-8924 7514
Should you need further details about Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (TNB) Scholarship please contact the scholarship provider directly.
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Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom Malaysia 2018 Application Form Online

Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom Malaysia 2018 Online. Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (TM) is committed towards nation-building through education excellence. This year Yayasan TM scholarship is once again available for students with excellent academic result to apply.

We have updated this scholarship this article with the following new info. What you will learn from here? Check out the list below:
  • Deadline To Submit Your YTM Scholarship Application
  • How To Apply For Yayasan Telekom Malaysia Scholarship
  • Yayasan TM Scholarship Interview
  • Semakan Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom Malaysia
  • YTM Contact Details

Borang permohonan Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (YTM) online


The best thing is you can submit you application online and you should do it now. Deadline 28 February 2018

Yayasan Telekom Malaysia is looking for high potential students with excellent academic standing to apply for YTM Talent-A scholarships to pursue studies at both local and foreign institutions.

Please refer to the followings for scholarship list offered by Yayasan Telekom Malaysia.

YTM scholarship application criteria
Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom Malaysia application form

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How to apply Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom Malaysia

Follow this two (2) simple steps below.

a. Before submitting your application online you MUST read  Yayasan TM Online manual for Yayasan TM scholarship application form. Read them carefully. It is a complete instruction on how to fill up Yayasan TM online application form.

b. Fill up the Yayasan TM Scholarship Online Application System HERE

Yayasan TM Scholarship Interview

Short listed candidates  will be notified for an interview for Yayasan TM scholarship interview. Check out some info about Yayasan TM scholarship interview here and here for your additional info.

So if you are shortlisted, get ready for the interview. This is super important.

Semakan Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom Malaysia

So how to check whether or not you are shortlisted for the scholarhip?  Wait, before doing and semakan status permohonan Biasiswa Telekom Malaysia, you are required to update (kemaskini) your application.

The portal for this purpose is already activated at >>> Kemaskini Online Permohonan Biasiswa TM

This is also the same place where you can do the 'Semakan Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom Malaysia' very soon. We will update this article again when there is any new info about this.

Contact Details Yayasan Telekom Malaysia

Should you need more information about this scholarship contact:

1. Khairul Izam Kamsiran (03-2240 1582)
2. Ihsan Said (03-2240 1594)

1. Abdul Salam Musa (03-2240 1273)

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For more and up-to-date information about Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom Malaysia please contact them directly or visit their official website. Please share this info to your friends
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Borang Permohonan Online Biasiswa MARA 2018/2019 - MARA Scholarship Application Form Online

Borang Permohonan Online Biasiswa MARA 2018 untuk lepasan SPM. Click MARA scholarship application form online link below to submit your application. As we all know that SPM exam result will be out soon and many students are busy searching for money for college or university, and, getting a  college scholarship or education loan to further studies in Malaysia or overseas is probably the hardest thing.  Biasiswa MARA 2018 can be one of your best option and you can submit your scholarship application online using MARA Scholarship Online Application Form 2018
Bahagian Penganjuran Pelajaran (BPP) memainkan peranan penting dalam pembangunan modal insan untuk melahirkan pelajar Bumiputera yang cemerlang dan berkualiti.  Ia selaras dengan Transformasi Sektor Pendidikan di bawah Pelan Strategik MARA 2011-2020 yang berhasrat mewujudkan bakal usahawan dalam kalangan graduan yang boleh menjana kekayaan dan tenaga kerja kompeten dalam industri berimpak tinggi.  Bagi menjayakan hasrat ini, BPP menyediakan kemudahan Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA dalam bentuk pinjaman boleh ubah, untuk pelbagai peringkat pengajian.  BPP juga memfokuskan hasrat melahirkan lebih ramai graduan profesional dan kompeten yang dapat menyumbang ke arah negara berpendapatan tinggi serta mempunyai minda kelas pertama. -BAHAGIAN PENGANJURAN PELAJARAN 

But before submitting your application, please read carefully the details on how to apply for MARA Scholarship 2018.

NOTE: Online Application Portal for MARA EduLoan is still closed. For more information please contact the nearest MARA office in your area.

Sistem permohonan online biasiswa MARA

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The followings are some details about this scholarship offer. You are encouraged to visit MARA Scholarship Official Website to get more  info or the best option is to contact them directly.

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) Scholarship Overview

Majlis Amanah Rakyat is an agency under Malaysia’s Ministry of Rural and Regional Development. Established on the 1st of March 1966, MARA is responsible for encouraging and facilitating social and economic development in the rural areas. Its main objective is to provide assistance to the Bumiputeras (especially in the rural areas) or scholarship for poor student to participate in any commercial and entrepreneurial activities, thus creating a stronger community.

Scholarships Offered

Every year, MARA has offers scholarships for both local and overseas programmes. MARA Student Loans are also being offered to those qualified bumiputera students in Malaysia.

Who should apply

Students who have the followings (syarat pinjaman pendidikan MARA) you are eligible to apply.  Read carefully the below-listed important basic requirements before submitting you application. 
  1. Applicants must be a bumiputera students
  2. Maintain good academic results and at the same time, are active in co-curricular activities (well-rounded)
  3. Have good leadership skills and are good at teamwork
  4. Are hardworking
  5. Are not suffering from any critical illnesses, eg: Hepatitis, AIDs, HIV etc. 

Field of Study

This scholarship/student loans offer is available for the following field of studies only. The list may change from time-to-time.
  •     Medicine
  •     Dentistry
  •     Pharmacy
  •     Optometry
  •     Biotechnology
  •     Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical)
  •     Actuarial Science
  •     Accounting
  •     Information Technology/ Computer Science/ ICT
  •     Pure Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  •     Architecture
  •     Law
  •     Tourism
  •     Economics, Business Administration, Finance
  •     Islamic Economics, Islamic Business Administration, Islamic Finance
  •     Science
  •     Arts
  •     Education

How to apply

Submit your scholarship application online here at BORANG PERMOHONAN ONLINE BIASISWA MARA 2018

Contact Information

Should you need further information please use the below contact details.

Education Sponsorship Division
3rd Floor, MARA Head Office
21, Jalan Raja Laut
50609 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2613 2015/ 03-2613 2016
Fax: 03-2691 5854

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MARA Student Loan Conversion Online

Sistem permohonan pengurangan bayaran balik pinjaman pendidikan MARA online

Good news for those students who were recipients of the MARA open loans and have finished studying in IPTS are required to request for a conversion of loan total within 6 months of graduation.


a. Graduated under the MARA sponsorship
b. Has received the official transcript for Certificate/Diploma/Degree/Masters/PhD and equivalent

Download/Fill the form at MARA Loan Conversion Online.

After submitting the application online, all important documents including the application form and a copy of the official transcript must be delivered or mailed to the headquarters of MARA within 30 days to the following address:

Unit Conversion
Bahagian Kawalan Kredit
Tingkat 3, Ibu Pejabat MARA
21, Jalan Raja Laut
50609 Kuala Lumpur

Note: This is not MARA official webpage. Please refer to Mara Education Sponsorship Division using the contact details provided above. For more information and up-to-date info, contact MARA Education Sponsorship Division using the contact details above or visit MARA official webpage
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Tawaran Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah (BKNS) 2018

Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah (BKNS) akan dibuka tidak lama lagi. Warganegara yang berasal dari Negeri Sabah dan Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan dipelawa memohon Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah (BKNS) mengikut kursus-kursus yang disenaraikan.

Permohonan Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah (BKNS) untuk pelajar Sabah sahaja
Gambar hiasan:
Pada kebiasaanya permohonan untuk biasiswa ini boleh dibuat melalui online yang dijangka akan dibuka pada minggu ke-3 bulan mulai 23 March 2018 selepas keputusan peperiksaan SPM diumumkan.

Anda boleh membuat Semakan Keputusan SPM secara online.

Kepada yang layak dan berminat untuk memohon sentiasalah mengikuti perkembangan terkini di sini.

Bidang Kursus/Pengajian Yang Ditaja Oleh BKNS

Sila buat semakan senarai bidang kursus di bawah yang ditaja oleh BKNS untuk pelajar.

Diploma di Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Tempatan

i. Sains Komputer
ii. Kesihatan dan Perusahaan Ternak
iii. Kejuruteraan
iv. Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerja (OSHA)

Ijazah Sarjana Muda di Universiti Tempatan

* Perubatan
* Pergigian
* Perubatan Veterinar
* Farmasi
* Kejuruteraan
* Ukur Bahan
* Seni Bina (Architecture)
* Sains dan Teknologi Makanan
* Sains Bioteknologi
* Akuakultur
* Sains Biologi Marin
* Sains Alam Sekitar
* Perikanan
* Perhutanan
* Undang- Undang
* Pengajian Islam
* Matematik
* Sains Tulen (Biologi/kimi/fizik)
* Psikologi
* Sains Kompyter
* Ekonomi
* Perakaunan
* Pentadbiran Perniagaan
* Pelancongan dan Hospitaliti
* Muzik
* Performing Arts
* Pengurusan Ladang
* Pertanian

Untuk memohon memasuki UPU IPTA anda boleh memohon melalui UPU IPTA Online

Kelayakan Untuk Memohon Biasiswa BKNS

1. Had Umur

1.1 Bagi kursus (A) 1 pemohon hendaklah tidak melebihi 20 tahun
1.2 Bagi kursus (A) 2 pemohon hendaklah tidak melebihi 25 tahun

2. Kelulusan Akademik

2.1 Lulus SPM dengan memperolehi sekurang-kurangnya grade C dlm 5 mata pelajaran termasuk Bahasa Melayu dan mata pelajaran yang berkaitan dengan bidang kursus yang hendak diikuti. Lulus dengan kepujian dalam mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggeris untuk universiti yang menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris sebagai Bahasa Pengantar.
2.2 Lulus Sijil STPM dengan memperole sekurang-kurangnya gred B dalam empat (4) mata pelajaran berkaitan dengan bidang kursus yang hendak diikuti. Kelayakan ini haruslah diperoleh dengan hanya sekali menduduki peperiksaan atau kelayakan setaraf.
2.3 Berkelulusan Matrikulasi mendapat sekurang-kurangnya CGPA 3.0
2.4 Lulus Foundation / Alpha dengan mendapat sekurang-kurangnya CGPA 3.5
2.5 Pelajar yang sedang belajar di IPT perlu mendapat sekurang-kurangnya CGPA 3.00

Cara Memohon Biasiswa BKNS

1. Permohonan dibuat melalui Online dengan melayari mulai 02 April 2012. Setiap permohon mestilah mempunyai e-mail peribadi masing-masing.2. Bagi kawasan yang mempunyai kesukaran untuk mengakses permohonan secara online, borang permohonan  disediakan dan boleh diperolehi di Pejabat Daerah seperti berikut
2.1 Pejabat Daerah: Kinabatangan, Tongod, Pitas
2.2 Pejabat Daerah Kecil: Matunggung, Pagalungan, Sook, Tunku, Banggi, Kemabong, Paitan dan Telupid.
2.3. Perpustakaan: Nabawan, Beluran, Kota Marudu dan Ranau
3. Borang permohonan yang lengkap diisi berserta salinan kad pengenalan, sijil kelulusan akademik dan lain-lain yang telah di sahkan benar hendaklah dikemukakan kepada:

Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri,
Tingkat 3, Wisma Perindustrian,
Jalan Istiadat Likas,
Beg Berkunci No. 2076
88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Tarikh Tutup Permohonan Biasiswa BKNS

Anda boleh memohon melalui online dan tarikh tutup untuk berbuat demikian ialah 22 April 2018. Sila pastikan anda menghantar permohonan anda sebelum tarikh tutup seperti yang tertera di atas.

Atau Anda boleh memohon melalui Permohonan BKNS Online

Maklumat Tambahan

1. Permohonan yang tidak lengkap atau tidak memenuhi syarat-syarat seperti yang ditetapkan tidak akan dipertimbangkan.
2. Keputusan permohonan boleh disemak melalui On-Line
3. Kursus-kursus Matrikulasi/Asasi/Foundation tiak ditaja.
4. Sila hantar surat tawaran kemasukan IPT ke pejabat ini dengan kadar segera jika sudah menerima tawaran tersebut.
5. Permohonan lewat tidak akan dipertimbangkan.

Semakan Keputusan BKNS 2018

Kepada anda yang ada memohon dan ingin membuat semakan keputusan BKNS 2018, anda boleh membuat semakan online di laman portal yang disediakan oleh pihak BKNS. 

Semakan keputusan BKNS online

Selain biasiswa BNKS and mungkin juga berminat dengan biasiswa terkini di Malaysia.

Untuk maklumat terkini dan terperinci sila berhubung dengan pihak Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah (BKNS) secara langsung.

Semoga perkongsian mengenai Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah (BKNS) ini bermanfaat kepada anda. Sila kongsikan maklumat ini kepada kawan untuk makluman dan panduan mereka.
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Borang Permohonan Online Biasiswa Shell Malaysia 2018

Biasiswa Shell Malaysia. Every year, Shell Malaysia a number of scholarships to support students in achieving their personal goals and ambitions. And this year once again this scholarship is available again for interested and qualified student to apply.

This year Shell Malaysia Scholarship (Biasiswa Shell Malaysia) will be open from 25 February 2018 - 25 March 2018

Since our previous post about Shell Malaysia Scholarship Application Online was so popular, we decided to put up some updates here. 

Who Should Apply

Malaysian students planning to pursue full-time undergraduate studies (1st degree course) tenable at recognised universities in Malaysia or Overseas are eligible to apply.

Disabled students are encouraged to apply.

Local Scholarships Overseas Scholarships Meet our Shell Scholars Apply Now

This is open to students who will be undertaking full time first degree courses at the preferred Malaysian and JPA approved international universities based in Malaysia.

Shell Malaysia Scholarship application form online

Preferred Degree Discipline

• Any Oil and Gas field related degrees (Eg. Technical Engineering, logistics and supply chain management etc)
*Students with physical disabilities (Orang Kurang Upaya) are not restricted in their choice and may apply to do a degree in any discipline.


Shell Malaysia Scholarship application criteria. Please refer to the following criteria to apply for this scholarship

• Strong leadership skills and active participation in extracurricular activities such as societies and clubs, sports, etc.
• Not presently holding other scholarship/loans.
• Disabled Identification Card certified by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (where applicable)
• Consistently strong academic achievements as follows:

For Undergraduate studies

- Strong academic results in the STPM (minimum 3A’s & 1B) or A-Levels (minimum 2A’s & 1B)
- Minimum of 3.5 CGPA at Matriculation / Diploma level Applications
Applications may be submitted based on the latest semester results (for Matriculation, Diploma and ‘A’ Levels students) or trial examination results (for STPM students).
Shell Malaysia reserves the right to verify the information provided. Shell Malaysia aims to reflect the diversity of the communities it works in and will award the scholarships on this basis.
*Please refer to the list below for preferred Malaysian Public and Private Universities.


1. Universiti Malaya (UM)
2. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
3. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
4. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
5. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
6. International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
7. Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
8. Universiti Malaysia Perlis
9. Universiti Malaysia Pahang
10. Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
11. University Malaysia Sabah
12. Universiti Teknologi  Petronas
13. Universiti Teknikal  Malaysia Melaka
14. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
15. National Defense Universiti of Malaysia   


1. Multimedia University
2. Universiti Tenaga Nasional
3. University of Nottingham Malaysia
4. Taylors University
5. Monash University Malaysia
6. Curtin University of Technology Sarawak
7. HELP University

Application Process

All applications will go through 4 process as follows:

Step 1: Online Application
Step 2: Online Assessment
Step 3: On-Demand Video Interview
Step 4: Final Interview

Closing Date

Submit your application before 25 March 2018.

Apply for Shell Malaysia Scholarship 2018 here>>

Shell-Malaysia Scholarship Student testimonials

The followings are some  Shell-Malaysia Scholars testimonials about this scholarship.
Edwin Chiew – Shell scholar currently working as a Production Geoscientist in Shell Malaysia Exploration & Production. 
Location: Sarawak Shell Berhad, Miri, MalaysiaUniversity: University of BristolStudied: Bachelor of Science in GeologyJoined Shell: December 2012 
How did you benefit from the Shell Malaysia Scholarship?
Getting Shell Malaysia Scholarship pushed me to be disciplined throughout my degree in order to achieve the minimum requirement set. I always see myself as an ambassador of Shell that I ought to perform well both academically and socially.
Without doubt, the scholarship enabled me to study abroad which helped me to dive deep into focusing on my study without any worries on financial terms.  It was a true excellent experience that I have had to read Geology in the UK as the country offers rocks of all different types from different ages dating back into Precambrian. Besides, as a Shell Malaysia Scholarship holder, it prepared me to start my career with Shell upon graduation. 
How would you describe your role in Shell?
I am currently part of the Geosciences graduate scheme. Building and refining geological models, understanding regional geology, and of course, looking at rocks are my day-to-day work. Apart from being a geologist, I look at seismic (geophysics) no less frequently in order to understand a particular field from seismic perspective. It is one of the best tools to understand whatever is deep down under the Earth’s surface after all. 
What do you like most about the job?
One very interesting thing about my job is the collaborative working environment. I love the fact that you need to involve colleagues from other disciplines for your projects and it is all about teamwork. You can never work alone. This encourages me to understand more about what other disciplines, ie. Reservoir Engineers, Petrophysicists and Production Technologists are doing, and eventually helps you to know the bigger picture of Shell business as a whole. 
How’s your experience in getting the job?
I did an assessed internship as part of the scholarship contract. It was a rewarding experience as I got to work as a professional even before I graduated. Having this internship allowed me to have an insight on what an Oil and Gas industry is like, in a way gave me a different perspective on Geology when I was going into my final year. I got the job offer right after I finished my internship and had my work contract sorted out during the final year. 
Things that you can’t live without?
Family and Music!
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