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Memaparkan catatan dengan label Scholarship. Papar semua catatan

Selasa, 21 Ogos 2018

10:19 PG

Fairview Teaching Scholarship (Biasiswa Pendidikan Fairview)

Fairview Teaching Scholarship is ditawarkan untuk pelajar yang ingin melanjutkan pengajian dalam bidang pendidikan (B.Ed Programme) di peringkat degree di University College Fairview (UCF) dengan kerjasama Fairview International School (FIS).
Biasiswa ini sesuai kepada mereka yang berminat untuk menjadikan kerjaya sebagai pendidik di sekolah-sekolah antarabangsa (international schools/private schools)

Program biasiswa Fairview adalah pengajian selama 3 tahun dan selepas tamat pengajian anda akan dikehendaki mengajar di mana-mana Fairview International School atau yang ada kaitan dengannya.

Gaji permulaan ialah RM1800 hingga RM2500.

Kelayakan Memohon

Pelajar yang berminat mestilah memiliki kelayakan yang dikehendaki. Sila rujuk laman website rasmi Fairview untuk maklumat lanjut.

Jumlah Tajaan

Pemohon yang berjaya berpeluang untuk mendapat pembiayaan penuh atau sebahagian dari yuran penuh pengajian mereka.

Pelatih guru juga berpeluang untuk menikmati elaun bulanan sebanyak RM500/sebulan pada tahun pertama latihan/praktikal mengajar.

Untuk memohon biasiswa Fairview layari >>>

Semoga perkongsian mengenai biasiswa Fairview (Fairview scholarship) ini bermanfaat kepada anda. Sila kongsikan maklumat ini kepada rakan-rakan yang lain.

Isnin, 20 Ogos 2018

10:56 PG

Honda Malaysia Scholarship Application Form Online

Artikel ini Honda Malaysia scholarship telah disemak dan dikemaskini pada 20 Ogos 2018. Biasiswa ini belum ditawarkan buat masa ini.

Honda Malaysia Scholarship Application Form Online - Honda Dream Fund Scholarship kini menawarkan tajaan kepada 20 pelajar yang layak. Untuk memohon anda boleh menggunakan Honda Scholarship Application Form Online. Honda Scholarship ini dibuka kepada semua pelajar yang berminat dan layak untuk memohon.

Permohonan untuk tajaan Honda Dreams Fund ini kini sudah dibuka untuk para pelajar menghantar permohonan.

Honda - The Birth of Honda Malaysia

On 15 November 2000, a partnership between Honda Motor Co. Ltd. of Japan, DRB-HICOM Berhad and Oriental Holdings Berhad resulted in the birth of Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a company committed to offering the "Highest Customer Satisfaction in Malaysia".
Honda Malaysia Scholarship Online Application Form
Since then, Honda Malaysia has been a solid and aggressive player in the Malaysian automotive market. Each year, it progresses so rapidly that it set up a plant in Pegoh, Melaka. With this new plant, not only is Honda Malaysia optimistic of achieving high sales every year, it has further strengthened Honda's reputation in Malaysia.

Honda Malaysia rides strongly on its slogan "The Power of Dreams". It signifies the ever-changing and growing needs of the future. A future with better technology, along with better value.

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Maklumat dan borang permohonan boleh di perolehi di HONDA DREAMS FUND SCHOLARSHIP

Pihak Honda biasanya akan siarkan di website rasmi mereka jika ada tawaran biasiswa terbaru dari mereka.

Silalah mencuba mana tahu reziki anda untuk mendapat tajaan melanjutkan pelajaran ada di Honda Dreams Fund.

Semoga perkongsian mengenai Honda Malaysia scholarship ini bermanfaat kepada anda. Sila kongsikan maklumat ini kepada kawan-kawan anda.

Jumaat, 10 Ogos 2018

10:41 PG

Merdeka Award Grant Scholarship Application Form online For International Attachment

Merdeka Award Grant Scholarship application form online for international attachment. Merdeka Award Grant For International Attachment is available for interested and qualified student to apply. This is a great opportunity for qualified individual to apply. Please submit your application for this scholarship online.
Merdeka Award Grant

The Merdeka Award Grant for International Attachment was announced in conjunction with the Merdeka Award Presentation Ceremony by Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

It is designed to make it possible for qualified and deserving Malaysians, between the ages 22-35 to engage in short-term collaborative projects/programmes of up to three months, at an internationally-recognised host institution in select disciplines (education, arts, sports, community/social work, environment, health, science and technology).

The attachment aims to help the recipient build on his or her expertise by undergoing a learning experience in an institution or organisation of international repute, and improving the Grantee's body of work and achievements.

The end goal is to promote thought leadership and innovation, foster a culture of excellence and encourage a world-view.

Please read through the application requirements carefully, and complete the form as required. Please also make every effort to substantiate your application with information that will showcase your expertise and experience in your chosen area of study.

Note that this application is only available online; the Merdeka Award Secretariat will not accept any hard copies or physical applications.

Deadline to submit your application is 15 August 2018

How to apply

All Grant applications must be made online at

Terms of Engagement

Under the Terms of Engagement, the Merdeka Award Grant recipient will be required to execute the following, under the supervision of the Merdeka Award Secretariat:

• Make a minimum of 3x weekly postings on his / her experiences on the Merdeka Award Facebook & Twitter accounts, over the course of the preparation for the attachment, the attachment itself and for a period of 3 months upon his  / her return to Malaysia.

• Maintain a Merdeka Award Grant for International Attachment blog, with a minimum of 2x weekly updates on his / her experiences in the course of the preparation for the attachment, the attachment itself and for a period of 3 months upon his  / her return to Malaysia. This should include written accounts, as well as photos and mini-videos.

• While on attachment, reach out to and engage with Malaysians and non-Malaysian students in similar or related areas of study, to build the Grantee’s network of contacts and colleagues around the world.

• Conduct a minimum of 6x speaking engagements upon his / her return to Malaysia, over the course of one year

• Recipient should be available to the Merdeka Award Secretariat for interviews and other publicity initiatives for a period of one year after his / her return.

Application Requirements

The grant is awarded to qualified citizens of Malaysia, aged 22 – 35, residing in Malaysia or overseas, in the following fields:
• Education and Community
• Environment
• Health, Science and Technology

Please take note of the following requirements:
• For academics, a Master or equivalent professional degree at the time of application in the field in which you are applying.
• For professionals and those outside academia, recognised professional standing and substantial professional accomplishments in the field in which you are applying.

Download the form at Merdeka Award Grant Application Form Online

Contact Info:
Level 67, Tower 1,
PETRONAS Twin Towers,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Selection Process

Upon submission, the Merdeka Award Grant committee will review the applications and shortlist candidates for interviews. You are required to meet all reasonable requests for dates and times for interviews, and are responsible for your own travel arrangements to the interview venue.

Successful applicants will be notified via email and/or phone call.

* Dates are subject to changes. Please continue to check the website for updates.

For more information on the Merdeka Award Grant for International Attachment, and to submit applications, please visit

For up-to-date info about this Merdeka Scholarship contact the scholarship provider directly or visit the official website.

Khamis, 9 Ogos 2018

9:44 PG

Malaysia Chevening Cambridge Scholarship at University of Cambridge, UK

Apply Chevening Scholarship Malaysia. Thinking about doing your master degree this scholarship is available for you. Malaysia Chevening Cambridge Scholarship is available. Read on for more information about this scholarship.
The British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur and the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust offers Malaysia Chevening Cambridge Scholarship for Malaysian citizens at University of Cambridge, UK

Study Subject(s)

Climate change ,Sustainable development, Rule of law , Human rights,  Conflict prevention/resolution ,Foreign & security policy, Good governance ,Counter-terrorism, Migration issues, Business & Islamic finance

Course Level


Scholarship Provider

The British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur and the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust
Scholarship can be taken at: UK


Only Malaysian citizens are eligible for the scholarship. The award is targeted at students who meet the Chevening criteria of academic excellence, high motivation and potential leadership qualities, and who can fulfill the rigorous admission criteria of the University of Cambridge.

Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes (Malaysia )

Scholarship Description

The British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur and the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust are pleased to offer scholarships to successful applicants to Masters courses at the University of Cambridge, UK.

To apply for this scholarship visit >>> Chevening Scholarship Malaysia Page

All the best and good luck!

Rabu, 8 Ogos 2018

10:01 PTG

Apply Yayasan Bursa Malaysia Scholarship Awards Now!

Yayasan Bursa Malaysia Scholarship Awards. This is a very good news for those who are looking for a scholarship to further their education. Yayasan Bursa Malaysia Scholarship available for you to apply.

Yayasan Bursa Malaysia Scholarship

Yayasan Bursa Malaysia offers a four-year scholarship programme designed to target best-in-class achievers who have obtained excellent results in major government examinations e.g. Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) or Matriculation, for sponsorship in local public or private universities. Since 2006, the scholarship has been awarded to five selected students each year, of which four have since graduated and placed within Bursa Malaysia’s workforce.

The scholarship programme is now open for application for students who have secured a place at any local public or private university for a full-time undergraduate degree course.

Fields of Study

Students with the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:
* Information Technology (IT)
* Islamic Finance
* Accounting
* Economics
* Actuarial Science/Mathematics

How To Apply

Please complete the application form and completed application forms should be addressed or emailed to:

    Group Human Resources Officer
    Bursa Malaysia Berhad
    11th Floor Exchange Square
    Bukit Kewangan
    50200 Kuala Lumpur

If you are interested to apply for this scholarship, visit >>> Yayasan Bursa Malaysia Scholarship Online

Isnin, 6 Ogos 2018

10:29 PG

The MNRB Scholarship Fund: Download Application Form Online

The MNRB Scholarship Fund: Download Application Form Online. MNRB Scholarship Fund 2018 Malaysia. Kepada para pelajar yang sedang tercari-cari tempat untuk memohon biasiswa ini ada lah peluang yang baik untuk anda. Biasiswa MNRB Fund ditawarkan kepada para pelajar yang layak dan memenuhi kriteria permohonan yang ditetapkan. Anda boleh mengunakan keputusan percubaan SPM atau STPM anda untuk memohon Biasiswa MNRB Fund.
Jika anda berminat untuk memohon Biasiswa MNRB Fund (MNRB Scholarship Fund Awards)  sila baca dengan teliti maklumat mengenai biasiswa tersebut dibawah:-


MNRB SCHOLARSHIP FUND, a fund established by MNRB HOLDINGS BERHAD (a Company listed on the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia and a subsidiary of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), invites scholarship applications from suitably qualified young Malaysians who have successfully completed their SPM/STPM and are planning to pursue a Matriculation/Foundation, Diploma, First Degree or Professional course on a full-time basis at any recognized institution of higher learning.

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Fields of Study

* Actuarial Science (Professional courses)
* Risk Management (Matriculation/ foundation, diploma, bachelor degree programme)
* Insurance (Matriculation/ foundation, diploma, bachelor degree programme)

Value Of Awards

* Tuition fees based on actual for students pursuing studies at public universities or colleges and a maximum of RM8,000.00 per annum for students pursuing studies at private universities or colleges.
* Allowance of RM8,000.00 per year for local Matriculation/Foundation or Diploma courses and RM10,000.00 per year for First Degree or Professional courses.
* For professional course, subsistence allowance, any related allowance such as membership allowance, examination allowance will be paid.

a. Local Matriculation/Foundation - RM8,000 per annum
b. Local first degree - RM10,000 per annum
c. Overseas studies - Living allowance, relocation and other allowances

Tuition Fees:
a. Public & Private universities and colleges - on actual
b. Overseas studies - On actual

After completing your studies, you are required to start your MNRB career. A bonding period is attached to the scholarship, where the recipient may be required to serve the MNRB Group or any of the companies designated by the Trustees of the MNRB Scholarship Fund.

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Selection Criteria

* Should be below 23 years of age
* SPM / Trials SPM - Minimum 6As, including English, Mathematics & Sciences
* STPM /  Trials STPM - At least 3As and pass the General Paper or
* Matriculation Foundation / Diploma / Degree - At least a CGPA of 3.50

Actuarial Science – Professional Course
* Should be below 26 years of age
* Holds a bachelor degree in actuarial science or actuarial science management
* Single

Additional Requirement

* Must write a 1-page essay (in English and on a separate sheet of paper) describing reasons for applying for the scholarship, benefit from the course of study including education and career plans
* Preference will be given to those active in co-curricular activities
* Must not be a recipient of a scholarship/loan/financial assistance from any other organisation


The offer is subject to the applicants gaining entry into recognized local or overseas institutes of higher learning to pursue the approved courses

Candidates with TRIAL SPM/STPM RESULTS, who meet the above mentioned selection criteria are also encouraged to apply for the scholarship. Selected candidates will be given provisional offer of the scholarship to pursue the approved courses subject to the variance between the actual results and the trial results being within acceptable range.

How To Apply

* Visit or download the Scholarship Application Form or e-mail at OR
* Request for the form by sending in a 16 cm x 23cm self-addressed envelope affixed with a 50 sen stamp to the MNRB SCHOLARSHIP FUND at the below address; OR
* Collect the forms at :
    11th Floor, Bangunan Malaysian Re
    No 17, Lorong Dungun
    Damansara Heights
    50490 KUALA LUMPUR
    Tel: 03 – 2096 7160 (Puan Jannah)
    Fax: 03 – 2093 0368  
Closing Date

Closing date is 12 January 2018

Completed application forms with copies of relevant certificates and documents must reach the above address. Ineligible candidates,incomplete applications and applications received after the due date will not be entertained.

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For more and up-to-date info please contact the scholarship provider directly or visit MNRB Scholarship official website.

Jumaat, 3 Ogos 2018

1:54 PTG

The Edge Education Foundation Scholarship

The Edge Education Foundation menawarkan scholarship 2018 untuk pelajar yang layak dan memerlukan bentuan yang mencapai minimum CGPA 3.30 dengan MUET Band 3. Pelajar yang memohon mestilah telah mendapat tempat di mana-mana universiti tempatan untuk intake bermula bulan September 2018.
Kursus-kursus yang ditawarkan bantuan biasiswa/scholarship ialah Accounting, Ecomomics, Finance, English language dan media (journalism, advertising, marketing, komunikasi dan yang berkaitan)

Pelajar yang aktif dalam bidang ko-kurikulum semasa di sekolah adalah diutamakan.

Untuk memohon anda boleh download borang permohonan online (download application form online) dari laman webportal rasmi The Edge.

Atau hubungi mereka menggunakan maklumat perhubungan di bawah:

+603 7721 8000 (Ms Kala)
Facebook The Edge Education Foundation

Tarikh tutuk untuk menghantar permohonan ialah 15 Ogos 2018. Mohonlah sekarang jangan terlambat merebut peluang biasiswa The Edge Education Foundation ini.

Semoga perkongsian ini bermanfaat untuk anda. Sila share maklumat ini di laman FB anda untuk makluman rakan-rakan anda yang lain.