Biasiswa PETRONAS: Program Penajaan Pendidikan PETRONAS (PESP)

Biasiswa Petronas | Panduan dan cara memohon Petronas Scholarship. Syarat-syarat kelayakan dan borang permohonan online. Petronas Scholarship Programme (Biasiswa Petronas).  Petronas scholarship for SPM students who are looking scholarship to further studies,  is now open for interested and qualified students to apply. You may submit your scholarship application online at Borang Permohonan Biasiswa Petronas Online.

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Since our previous post on Petronas Scholarship Awards for Malaysian students was so popular, so we decided to write this additional information here.

Read on for more information about Petronas scholarship awards and Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme (PESP) for UTP or for overseas universities

This year, Petronas once again is offering university level study sponsorship to SPM candidates in specific areas related to oil and gas industry in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS and universities abroad. This could be the best opportunity for students who are looking for job in oil and gas industry.

Petronas scholarship 2018 application form online
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You probably already know that job in oil and gas companies offer a very high salary. Upon graduation, you will be given the opportunity to be give a job placement in Petronas an oil and gas company in Malaysia.

Applications are invited from candidates who have excellent academic background in addition to having a proven leadership skills through active participation in co-curricular activities, social services and volunteerism.

I think this is a very good opportunity and normally (in some cases) the recipient of Petronas Scholarship fund will be offered to work with Petronas upon completion of your studies.

Petronas Scholarship Requirement

Please read the following requirement before submitting your application online.

a. Malaysian citizens aged between 17 – 19 years old.
b. Possess strong leadership skills and active participation (demonstrable) in extra-curricular activities

Petronas Scholarship Result And Interview

You must submit your application before the deadline as mentioned on Petronas scholarship official webpage. This is very important

Shortlist candidates will be notified to go for special Petronas scholarship interview.

Important link: Permohonan Kemasukan INSTEP Online

How to Apply

Apply first into the UTP website
Next, apply Petronas Education Sponsorship at Borang Permohonan Biasiswa Petronas
Contact Petronas Scholarship helpdesk at 03-23312277 for more details.

Borang permohonan Biasiswa Petronas online.

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Petronas Scholarship Interview

Petronas scholarship interview is one of the most important thing you should get yourself prepared. If you are shortlisted, get ready!

The followings are some info about how Petronas scholarship interview will be conducted. It may change from time-to-time. Thanks to Syahirah Omar Blog for sharing this tips and info.

Here is the most important things she mentioned in her site.

The online assessment.

We were brought to KDU computer lab and started the test. Personality test was to measure yourself whether you are able to work as a team and whether you are a suitable kind of person to work for petronas, so the questions are somehow like ‘ I am an ambitious person’ so you just have to choose ‘most likely’ or ‘less likely’. Very simple hahaha

The thinking skills are quite challenging because the questions are given to see how do you come up with a calculation or a method to find the accurate answer. They were not SPM-kind of questions and you can answer any way you know as long as the answer is right. I cant remember of one question to give as an example. Sorryy!!

But overall, they were easy although there were some questions that I was unable to contemplate. Khazanah questions were much much tougher.

For the group assessment, we were sort to groups consisting of five people and we were given a study case. This time, the topic was initiatives we would propose to make more people come to petronas petrol station and the Mesra mart. We were given 15 minutes to brainstorm individually, 5 minutes to voice out our personal proposal to our group and the rest 30 minutes to discuss with our group on the final proposal because only one idea will be taken. We tried to take all of the members’ ideas under one bigger scope of idea but toleration was the key as well so some of the ideas were not accepted.

Other than that, the revenue and the expenditure are discussed too besides the strategic place for the petrol station (maybe at cities or by the highway where there are many cars)

Then, one of us had to present it to the assessors followed by q&a  and finished with the assessment!

The assessment was quite simple compared to other interviews that I’ve been to. My mom told me that Petronas selection are based on academic result, coco achievements, TSA and personality test, group work performance and family background (income and social status).

There are many more tips about Petronas scholarship interview out there. Take your time to look for them to properly equip yourself to go for the interview.

For further and up-to-date info visit Petronas Scholarship portal or contact the scholarship provider directly or visit their official website